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Bruno Mars and Bellagio Unveil ‘The Pinky Ring’: A Glamorous Fusion of Music, Cocktails, and Vegas Vibes

In an exciting collaboration, international superstar Bruno Mars and the iconic Bellagio Resort & Casino are set to launch “The Pinky Ring,” a unique cocktail lounge and jazz bar set to grace the heart of the Las Vegas Strip in early 2024.

Bruno Mars, no stranger to the Vegas stage, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “I’ve been performing in Vegas for years, and I’ve always wanted a place where I could throw glamorous parties when I’m in town. A place that felt like my personal penthouse suite, with live music and sensational cocktails. The Pinky Ring is that.”

Ari Kastrati, MGM Resorts International’s Chief Hospitality Officer, added, “There’s nobody in the world as fabulous as Bruno Mars. It’s been a fun experience to let him take the reins to reimagine this space. From the carpet to the ceiling, this is all him. As we celebrate Bellagio’s 25th anniversary this year and look toward the future, collaborating with one of the entertainment industry’s biggest stars to reimagine what a night out in Las Vegas should be represents an incredible moment in this resort’s story.”

Glamour, Music, and Cocktails Galore

The Pinky Ring promises an unforgettable night out, boasting mood lighting, live music, DJs spinning vinyls, a specialty bar program, and best-in-class audio. The venue is set to redefine the Vegas nightlife experience, providing a glamorous and immersive atmosphere.

Prime Location at Bellagio

Strategically located on Bellagio’s casino floor, in the former Lily Bar & Lounge space, The Pinky Ring is poised to become a hotspot for locals and visitors alike. The central location ensures easy access to the unparalleled entertainment that Bruno Mars and Bellagio have envisioned.

Opening Soon in 2024

Anticipation is building as The Pinky Ring is set to open its doors in early 2024. As the transformation of the former Lily Bar & Lounge progresses, additional details about this exciting venture will be unveiled in the coming months.

Get ready to experience the glamour, style, and musical magic that The Pinky Ring is destined to bring to the vibrant landscape of the Las Vegas Strip.

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