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‘Black-ish’ Cast Accuses The Goldbergs’ of Cheating on Celebrity Family Feud

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Tracee Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson on Celebrity Family Feud

When the casts from ‘Black-ish‘ and ‘The Goldbergs‘ go head to head in an all new game of Celebrity Family Feud this weekend, something big happens.

They were truly saving the best for last with this one! In a sneak peek clip, things get so riled up that Tracee Ellis Ross from ‘Black-ish’ jumps on her co-star Anthony Anderson’s back as they call out their competitors.

Tracee Ellis Ross on Celebrity Family Feud

What was happening?! Well, as The Goldberg family had to give one last answer, Steve walked over to Jeff to whisper him an answer.

Did they just cheat?” shouts Anthony Anderson. Tracee quickly jumps in, “they just cheated!” as they start walking over to The Goldbergs side of the stage. Steve Harvey looks confused as all this is going down.

The Black-ish actor said, “he went over there to talk to you, he cheated,” referring to ‘The Goldbergs,’ Steve.

Tracee leaps on Anthony’s back all in good fun as The Goldbergs family start laughing.

Tracee Ellis Ross Jumps on Back of Anthony Anderson on Celebrity Family Feud
(ABC/Byron Cohen)

Jeff, the father from ‘The Goldbergs’ stepped out from behind his podium to confess, “they are correct, and I think we deserve an X.” He continues, “no, I cheated, not knowing I was cheating.

Steve Harvey in typical comedic fashion exclaims, “Omg, what a wonderful human being!” He continues, “Ladies and gentlemen, this has never happened in the history of Family Feud!’

Watch it all go down in this sneak peek clip below:

Tune into ‘Celebrity Family Feud’ on ABC Sunday, September 29th at 8pm EST.

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