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‘Bachelor’ Contestant Demi Burnett Sparks New Friendship with Demi Lovato

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Demi Lovato watching Hannah Brown on The Bachelorette

Demi Lovato is back at it with her Instagram stories about The Bachelorette! Last week, The singer previously shared her thoughts on Hannah Brown and her possible connections on the show. Recently she shared her thoughts on the third episode and even gave a special shoutout to Demi Burnett! Burnett was a contestant on Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor.

Demi Lovato watching The Bachelorette
Demi Lovato gives Instagram shout to Demi Burnett. Photo: ddlovato/Instagram

Burnett saw the shoutout and quickly reposted it to her own Instagram story. The contestant even made a joke about her username on Instagram, which is demi_not_lovato.

Demi Burnett responded to Demi Lovato’s shoutout. Photo: demi_not_lovato/Instagram

It didn’t end there! The Instagram shoutouts eventually lead to the two direct messaging each other on social media. Burnett went full fangirl on Twitter over her new friendship with the singer.

Aside from the shoutout, Lovato also showed her Instagram follower that she still is rooting for Mike in the third episode. She also shared her dislike for Cam, who did not receive a rose at the end of the episode.

The “Sorry Not Sorry” singer shared last week that it was her first time watching the show. It’s safe to say that she’s really getting into it!

Would you like to see Demi Lovato guest star on The Bachelorette in the future? Let us know @feelingthevibe!


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