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Christian Love Interview

FTV Mystery Artist is Revealed

We have been running a video on the front of Feeling the Vibe for about a week of a new star in the making…who is he though?

The answer is finally here! That singer is Christian Love, part of the new group “5 Alarm.”

Quick Facts:

Who is he? Christian Love

Where is he from? Southern California

Have we seen him perform? Yes, we have, Christian is currently also touring with the Beach Boys.

Music style? Pop/Rock

Song title: Be With Me

Group name: 5 Alarm

Who’s in the group? Christian, Chris, Matt, and Yoshi

Which instruments does he play? Christian is a great acoustic guitarist

Does he have any type of signature for his look? Christian rocks the snow/knit cap

What was his most recent show? Christian performed with 5 Alarm out in Santa Barbara, California at the Brewhouse.