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Get Glowing Skin and Have Fun with Your Makeup This Spring – 2019 Trends Inside!

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Spring has sprung, and with a new season comes new beauty trends to lookout for. Below, we have 4 of the biggest makeup trends that were seen on the runways and on celebrities already this year – including VS models and Hollywood actresses! Keep reading to find out how you can rock these amazing trends, from colorful liner to bright lips, in your everyday life!

The Trend: Rainbow Bright Eyes

Naomi Scott - Orange Eyeshadow Makeup Look
Naomi Scott wears a subtle version of the ‘rainbow bright’ trend, rocking a bit of orange eyeshadow. Image Credit: IG @AllanFace.

One of the biggest trends on the runways this season has been wearing bold eyeshadows, liners, and even colored mascara on the eyes for vibrant pops of color that are sure to make a statement.

How to Wear It:

To make this look more wearable for the everyday person, try a soft wash of color across the eyelid, like orange or a golden yellow. If liner is more your speed, try amethyst or cobalt blue and make a bold wing to really make the look stand out.

A super small way to wear the trend that will still make an impact? Colorful mascaras – there’s hot pink, burgundy, lime green, etc., so take your pick and put a little on overtop your regular mascara for a subtle hint of color to your lashes. Pair any of these options with a little bit of foundation, bronzer or blush, and a neutral lip color.

The Trend: “I-Just-Got-a-Facial” Glowing Skin 

Rosie Huntington Whiteley – Glowing Skin Makeup Look
Rosie Huntington Whiteley doesn’t need much else besides glowing skin to look radiant. Image Credit: IG @PatrickTa.

The Look:

Soft, shiny, almost airbrushed looking skin is here to stay. It may seem like a complex look, but all it takes are a few key products — and some well-placed highlights.

How to Wear It:

In order to get that coveted glow to your skin, exfoliation is one thing to try, especially if you have oilier skin. If you have drier skin, try using a facial oil to infuse the moisture back into your skin. Either method will reflect light better, giving you a glowing appearance. A must-have makeup tip for this look is to use a liquid or cream highlighter. Liquid is best for drier skin; but oilier skin types can still use cream products, as long as there’s either a matte primer underneath it, or a tiny bit of translucent powder over it.

Tap the highlighter along areas where the light would hit, like your cheeks, chin, and even the center of your forehead. For extra sparkle, pat a bit onto your cupid’s bow and inner corners of your eyes. Be sure to blend it out with your fingers or a makeup brush/sponge for a seamless look. This look pairs well with softer makeup on the rest of the face: brushed up brows, minimal mascara, and a little bit of lip balm. 

The Trend: Neon Lips 

Kylie Jenner – Bright Lip Makeup Look
Kylie Jenner makes bold lips look good, no matter the season! Image Credit: IG @KylieCosmetics.

The Look:

Another place to rock color this spring is on the lips. Only this time, it’s turned up a notch. Gone are the pastel pinks, and in are the saturated oranges, poppy reds, and shocking violets.

How to Wear It:

A lip gloss is an easy way to ease into this trend (it’s not exactly for the faint of heart), but you can definitely go the bold route with a matte or satin finish lip. If you do choose either formula, be sure to line your lips first before filling them in with color. Use a matching lip liner, or an ‘invisible’ one, which goes on practically clear, but will still prevent the color from bleeding outside the lip line. Anchor the look with a stroke of black liner, and some mascara, but forego the blush so you don’t risk color overload!

The Trend: Monochromatic Makeup

Kim Kardashian West – Monochrome Makeup
Kim Kardashian matches her makeup to the weather – a warm nude compliments her skin tone nicely and works all over the face. Image Credit: IG @MakeupByMario.

The Look:

You keep up with an Instagram theme, so why not incorporate it into your makeup routine? Keeping with one tonal color for your makeup this spring is very on-trend, and very quick to do because it takes the guesswork out of your beauty routine.

How to Wear It:

Try pearly pink, champagne, peach, taupe, coral, or a warm nude – simply take the shade in varying forms (say: powder eyeshadow, cream blush, satin lipstick) and apply the hue all over for a matchy-matchy look.

There you have it: a few of this year’s biggest makeup trends for the spring season! Hopefully these inspired you to try out something new, or even pick up a new beauty product. Happy spring! 


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