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Taylor Cole from Hallmark Movies Got Married to a Producer During Quarantine

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Taylor Cole and husband Cameron Larson

Taylor Cole, well known for her roles in various Hallmark Channel movies got her happily ever after! After starring in many romantic films, the 36 – year old literally found her love on the set of one of the movies.

Who is Taylor Cole Married to?

Taylor actually married a producer that worked on the Hallmark Channel movies. His name is Cameron Larson. The pair originally planned to wed in front of their 100 closest family and friends. However, because of the pandemic, they were forced to have a much smaller ceremony with just a few guests, People reported.

Even with just a few guests, Taylor said they still socially distanced and the officiant quarantined before giving the wedding. They were married in June 2020.

Who is Cameron Larson?

Taylor Cole’s husband, Cameron Larson is a producer. Taylor said that their love story actually was very reminiscent of one of the movies she starred in called Matching Hearts. Funny enough, Taylor admitted to trying to set up her now-husband with a few friends at first. She didn’t realize that this was her love story waiting.

Looking at Cameron’s Instagram profile, it’s obvious that he isn’t just a producer but also a talented photographer. He showcases beautiful photos of nature, his friends, and of course his wife Taylor.

Cameron’s Photo Journal of Taylor Cole & Nature

He captured a beautiful photo of his wife out in the nature. ““And that’s when it dawned on me. Marie was gazing at the same sky. Of course she would never follow the water, she was following something else. For she was a werewolf. The moon was her map… ” he wrote.

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Over two years ago in November, he photographed Taylor outside near the water with this caption, ““She had a way of looking at you that made you feel like the only person on the planet. To receive a single smile was to experience bliss. She was joy, and I was happy. Truth be told, I hadn’t felt this alive since, well, since I was a child before my parents died. However, like many lost souls who have survived trauma, I was afraid to be happy. So even if I wanted to I couldn’t stop the tiny voice of doubt in my head who constantly repeated over and over: ’Hurry up now, it’s time. Hurry up now, it’s time.’ And I couldn’t help but agree…it was time…it was time to put the ghosts of my past to rest…”

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See Wedding Photos of Taylor Cole & Cameron Larson

You’ve heard the saying, “when you know you know,” and Taylor fully agrees with it. She told People, “It sounds a little cheesy, but when you know you know, and we wanted our forever to start as soon as possible.”

When thinking back to her attempts to set Cameron up with her girlfriends, she said, “Luckily similar to the movie, none of the matches worked and we both realized we were perfect for each other.”

Taylor’s father unfortunately couldn’t attend his daughter’s wedding due to COVID-19 but was able to still attend virtually as the whole ceremony was livestreamed.

Congratulations to Taylor and her husband Cameron on the wedding!