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Recreate Olivia Jade’s Dorm Room Style at USC

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Olivia Jade's Dorm Room at USC

Popular YouTuber and actress, Lori Loughlin’s youngest daughter, Olivia Jade is officially a college student.

She had to move her Vlog which garners nearly 2 million subscribers from her bedroom at her parents’ California home to a small dorm room at USC.

Olivia is adjusting to college life like any other normal 19 year old girl, getting used to sharing the door with a roommate and decorating it in typical Olivia fashion.

Olivia Jade's Dorm Room at USC
MICHAEL SIMON for Teen Vogue

Redecorating Olivia Jade’s Dorm Room

It was very plain. The walls were white with not much on them,” Olivia told Teen Vogue.

The inspiration for her style behind the dorm was ‘minimalistic and clean,’ which would resemble the bedroom at her family home.

Olivia had to get creative in working with the school’s rules. They were not allowed to take anything out of the dorms. Instead, the 19 year old YouTuber covered chairs with blankets and the bulletin board with a marble tapestry.

Amazon Prime Student to the Rescue

Who doesn’t love Amazon’s Prime services and quick shipping? Olivia is no exception. She admits that she was out of the country when the decorating was taking place so she ordered everything she needed through Amazon Prime Student membership and had it shipped right to the college.

In one of her vlogs, Olivia took her subscribers around her dorm room, pointing out all the pieces she got to create this chic and clean look. “This is all from Amazon, I swear it’s not sponsored, they just really helped me out,” she said.

Recreate Olivia Jade's Dorm Room Look
Olivia Jade’s Dorm Room | YouTube

Make Your Dorm Look Like Olivia’s

Below is a listing of the items in Olivia Jade’s dorm room so you can recreate her same vibe! Most of it is all from Amazon.

Surge Protector Power Strip on Amazon

Nutribullet on Amazon

Bazaar Magazine subscription on Amazon

Marble Tapestry on Amazon

Throw blanket on Amazon

Jewelry Box on Amazon

Silver Metal Letters on Amazon

Brush Containers on Amazon

Drawer Set from Ikea