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Everything You Need to Know About Finstagram and Sinstagram on Instagram

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Everything you need to know about finstagram and sinstagram

Now how boring would it be if we only used the Instagram app for one account? Apparently, a lot of people think it’s much more fun to have more than one account. However, there are specific rules to follow if you want to enter the world of finstas and sinstas.

In case you haven’t been paying attention, let’s run through a few definitions.

Everything you need to know about finstagram and sinstagram

What is a Finsta?

A finsta is a combination of the words fake + instagram = finsta. Now you know how the word was created, you’re welcome! It goes much further than that though. Read below to get more details.

What is a Sinsta?

What is a sinsta?
A “sinsta” is another combination of words but this time “secret” + “instagram” = sinsta. This one is somewhat different from finsta as it meant to be secret rather than just “fake.”

What is a Rinsta?

What is a rinsta?
As you might suspect, rinsta is a combination of “real” + “instagram” = rinsta. This is the original instagram profile most people have, their “real” ones.

Instagram has turned into a place where everyone feels their photos must be perfect in order for it to be added to their Insta page. This means time spent on editing photos, finding just the right angles, the right filters, and the perfect captions. These photos go out to all their followers.

What is on a Sinsta?

You can use your secret insta to post those unedited raw photos, but some have been using it for riskier type photos. We would definitely suggest against that. Just because the name says “Secret” instagram, does not mean it’s truly secret. If it’s on the internet, you better believe it could be easily shown to many more people than you would want it to be shown to. So, make the smart decision and keep it PG rated!

How do followers on Instagram (Rinsta) differ from followers on finsta and sinsta?

The real instagram profiles typically have the most followers. The goal is to get as many followers as possible, even if they are friends of friends of friends who you really don’t know much about.

When it comes to finsta and sinsta followers, this is more of a “secret society” of hand chosen people from the “rinsta” profiles who are invited to follow someone’s secondary instagram profile, the finsta or sinsta. Most of the time, they are followed back from someone else’s secondary instagram profile (finsta or sinsta).

Everything you need to know about finstagram and sinstagram

Finsta and Sinsta Rules

Rule #1:
Finsta photos should be very different from your real account’s newsfeed.

Rule #2:
No editing tools or filters needed!

Rule #3:
Feel free to post real raw photos, no perfect poses nor perfect sunlight

Rule #4:
Lower quality photos (aka, not edited) are totally fine

Rule #5:
Think the photo is messy yet super funny? Feel free to post it!

With Finsta, you remove the pressures to be perfect and instead can let your hair down and post what you want.

Important!! Just a reminder though, while Finsta and Sinsta can be fun, just remember. If you post something to the internet, it doesn’t stay a secret. There is such a thing as “screen capture” and “screenshot” so just keep that in mind so it doesn’t come back to bite you!

Are Finsta and Sinsta really that popular?

You better believe it! It’s become so popular that the creators at Instagram realized how important it is for people to easily switch between their rinstas and finstas.

Everything you need to know about finstagram and sinstagram

Here’s how to easily go between two Instagram accounts:

Login to your app
Go to your profile
At the top you will see the name of your current Insta profile with a little down arrow next to it
Tap the name or arrow
You will see a list of other instagram profiles you have connected to that phone
Tap the other Insta name and magic, you’re in your other account

How do you find someone’s finsta or sinsta?

Right now there isn’t any particular way to find someone’s finsta or sinsta that’s as easy as using a search box. But wait, there is still a possibility of finding general finstas.

All you need to do is search the hashtag #finsta to see some people that are posting. When we ran a quick insta search #finsta showed up with over 160,000 posts! Check out the screenshot.

Here are a few #finsta posts from Instagram.


Other than that idea, you’ll need to possibly talk face to face with your close friends and see who has a finsta to follow. You’d be surprised at what you might find out!

So whether you rinsta, finsta, or sinsta, remember to protect yourself, have fun, and keep it real!