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Tim Rozon Interview

Exclusive: Tim Rozon Interview

He plays Tommy Q, the enticing, boy band member – turned producer. He steams up the screen with his on again off again romance with the original Instant Star, Jude Harrison played by Alexz Johnson. So how about we find out just who Tim Rozon really is, what makes him tick, how he viewed the audition process for the show, if he really plays the piano, and what other projects this busy guy has going on in his life. Check it out!



Store to Shop In: Guess
American Singer: Elvis
Canadian Singer: Leonard Cohen

What Comes to Mind When you Hear..

Boy Band: Boyz Attack!
Canada: Snowballs
New York: My favorite place on earth


We see that you took on the role of Tommy Q in 2004. What was the audition process like? How did you hear about it?
Tim: I was shooting another project in Toronto. So I auditioned while I was shooting something else. I remember reading with Alexz and that there were alot of people in the room. Other than that, it’s kind of a blur. Memory loss comes with old age….

About how long does it take to film one show of Instant Star?

Tim: About four days..

You’ve been in movies and on TV, would you say filming for each is different or the same and how?
Tim: Nothing is as comfortable as Instant Star. Nothing. It becomes almost too comfortable. Movies are always different because they’re new. New character. New crew. New challenges.

We’ve seen you play the piano on Instant Star. Is that really you playing and if so, how long have you been playing?
Tim: Piano not so much, enough to learn the parts but I’m definitely not Ray Charles. I play drums and guitar. That’s

 the best part of being an actor though, learning new things, like different instruments or driving fancy cars. I still can’t drive stick and every car I get on Instant Star is manual!!! Tommy Q needs to pick one car and stick with it! Hopefully an automatic.

We were told that you have your own restaurant. What is the name of it and can you tell us a little bit about it? What made you start it?
Tim: Garde Manger 408 St. Francois Xavier.. Old Port of Montreal — Nice plug!
My best friend wanted to open a restaurant. I said sure and we opened. It’s the best thing I ever did with my life.. I’m super blessed to have it. My 2 partners are my friends and I love being there. It gives me balance in my life. I work so hard when I’m there. It takes up so much time and energy its crazy but its worth it.. Anyway i need to work. There are 2 types of bees, worker bees and queen bees.. I’m a warrior bee!!! ( how cliche was that)! I love it. Sometimes people who come to the restaurant are suprised to see me working so hard. What do they want me do? Sit around and try to look cool? I bartended seven years of my life. I like being behind a bar. It’s a good balance to my actor life.

The fourth season is about to start on Instant Star. We know the fans cannot wait to see what happens after we were left with such a cliffhanger at the end of season 3! Can you give us any hints or sneak peeks on what is to come? When will season 4 begin?

Tim: I really have no idea.