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Chris Trousdale Interview Part 2

Chris Trousdale

Continuation of Chris Trousale Interview…

What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?
My greatest strength is my endurance. I can last for a long long time. My weaknesses….wow, I don’t know what my weakness is. Probably just getting distracted, not frustrated but sometimes I just need the down time, say relaxing at home for two days if I do have two days to do nothing. I’ll take that time and literally be the biggest slob. I won’t pick up my room. I’ll just throw my clothes on the floor, I won’t make my bed. I love it. It’s great. It’s fun to just be a mess.

What’s the nicest thing someone has done for you?
I think there’s been, so many things that people have done for me that have been really sweet so I can’t really name one but probably just encouragement. Anyone who has given me any type of encouragement. That’s the nicest thing anyone can do for another person.

Who’s the greatest influence in your life and why?
I think Louie is my greatest influence ( laughs ) just because, I’ve watched him day to day since I was 13 in Dream Street. I saw how he handled things, even when he got knocked down by people he just always always comes back and never lets anybody discourage him. In any aspect of strength, Louie has it. He has so much strength, mentally, physically. It’s really great.

What do you see yourself doing in 5 years?
I see myself so so so famous * laughs * but not just famous but so content with career choice, content with life and my family. I really want to have a really well connected family. I’m connected with them now, but I want it even more so. I really want to get a good family reunion, together in 5 years. I want to have stability in my life, to be comfortable. Nowadays, I don’t know what my schedule is going to be like from day to day. The sky’s the limit. It’s a good feeling but I also want some type of stability in 5 years. I want to have two or three albums out in five years.

What do you like to do when you’re not rehearsing?

I like to go take a good hip-hop class. I just want to sweat until I feel like I’m going to pass out. So just let it all out, and learn a whole routine of some new songs my teacher teaches. And it’s really good because I take classes with the best dancers in the videos. One of the girls in it (she’s been in a music video), is so good. I take classes with her everyday. There are a lot of good dancers in my class so it keeps me motivated. The class is so hard, really hard, it’s scary!

We know you always have the best clothes and style! Where do you get your fabulous fashion sense from?
Claudia. She taught me, when I was in Dream Street, she would talk about how people dressed. She showed me what was cool and what wasn’t. She taught me her rules of dressing well. On tour, she’d bring these magazines with us with hit or miss in fashion, who hit it or who missed it. It was so much fun, it was like a game with us. For guys it can be really annoying to go shopping and it can be stressful too! They don’t make good clothes for guys so there’s no variety. Claudia made it fun and more interesting. She got me into it.

We’ve heard so many different answers. What is your heritage/nationality?
Well my background is Greek and something called Black Irish. It’s an ethnic Irish. It’s not the blonde haired blue eyed Irish. My mom can almost look Spanish. She has really dark dark eyes. So it’s basically like an Italian Irish or a Spanish Irish. It’s dark. So yeah, Greek and Black Irish.

Half and half?
Yeah I think…my dad is full Greek and my mom’s Black Irish.

Do you speak any other languages?
Not completely and utterly fluently but I speak a lot of Spanish. I took it in school. A lot of my friends were Spanish growing up. I know Claudia teaches me so much Portuguese. I actually pick up a lot of that. I’m really good with languages.

We know that since you’re in the entertainment business you’ve had to be home schooled or tutored. What was that like for you?
My tutors were always the best. There was a woman named Alli and a lady named Kate. They were both awesome. One of my other tutors, Nancy was like a mom to me. She helped me get a 96% on my U.S. history regents. And then an 89% on my English regents, no it was the opposite! Wait, I forget. But yeah, everyone was shocked that I got those high scores with working so much. It was really awesome.

Do you have any hidden talents?
Yeah I have a lot of hidden talents but I can’t say a lot of them. I’m kidding * laughs * I’m just jokin, I’m just jokin. I can…I don’t know, what is my hidden talent. I can fly! No I’m kidding. Ok hold on, let me think. I really wanted to be in politics a lot. Unlike most people when they don’t like somebody, they’re so evil and nasty, I’m not like that. I’m very political with it. I approach it in a different way. If it doesn’t work, I move on to the next stage. That’s my way of handling people. So growing up in school, it was really difficult because most people would be quick to say I hate you. I wasn’t like that, I was the opposite. It drove my enemy crazy because they were like (because you wouldn’t give it back) right! So people are always scared, they wouldn’t think I’d be like that. People are always scared to cross me, fans sometimes say I don’t want to bug or bother him. But no one ever bothers me, ever. The only one that could ever possibly get me annoyed, get me frustrated would be Louie because Louie has to do that. People in general, they can’t really get to me.

What are the top 3 qualities you look for in a friend?
The top three qualities I look for in a friend are loyalty, constant love, appreciation and devotion, and then the third is probably common interests and someone you have that ying and yang with. You can feed off of each other’s energy, connecting the best.

How old were you when you moved to NYC?
I was 11 because I moved into NY to do Les Mis on Broadway.

If you had a visitor coming in from out of town, where would you take them?
I would take them to all the touristy places first and then to the heart of Manhattan showing them what makes Manhattan different from every other place, take them to those places.

When you were filming TBF, what did you use as far as techniques for memorizing lines? Was it easy for you?
Lines were kind of difficult to memorize but what always helps is to have tricks that trigger your memory like when you’re studying for a test.

What would you say was the funniest moment on the set of the Biggest Fan?
Probably when Kaila had to trip and fall in the kitchen scene because it was actually really hard for her to trip, you have to make it look real it’s really hard. She had a little padding thing (to trip over). Most of the time when we started the scene it looked like she was trying to fall. They actually put something in her way so when she’d walk she’d just naturally trip, and it was funny because one time she actually tripped and it was a real trip. You knew it was and I literally laughed. I think that’s the take that they used. I had food in my mouth and the first time she tripped I spit it all over her and it landed on her on the ground. She tripped and it was funny and they were like keep going but then she goes “you just spit food all over me” so they had to yell cut!! She got up and there was food, there was scrambled eggs in her hair, it was funny.

We really love TBF and think you’re just a spectacular actor! Anymore movies for you in the future?
Yeah I plan on doing a lot more, I think I’m going to do a film this fall so we’ll keep you updated on that. (asks Louie about the film explaining it’s a horror film) It’s really creepy, so I hope I’m in that, we’ll see about that. Such a different type of film huh? I think I would play a killer too. Wouldn’t that be creepy? It’s like the least expected right? It’d be really creepy. (versatile actor) yeah exactly! That’s why I want to do it.

In a recent radio interview, you said you’ll be doing a Christmas Tour. That sounds so exciting! Please tell me more about that.
Yes I am! On BLI I announced the Christmas tour, I’m going to be touring all of the country. In each state I’m going to ask fans during the break to bring gifts. These will be for children in hospitals who are too sick to go home for Christmas. If they bring the gift, I’ll give them an extra kiss on the cheek or something. As opposed to me just giving gifts, it’ll be from the kids, and they’re doing a good deed. They can even write a get well soon message to the person who’s receiving the gift. That kid will feel great just knowing the gift is from another kid. If they want, they can give an email address so they can talk to the child who receives their gift. We haven’t really figured everything out, but there are so many possibilities and benefits of it.

How about your CD, how is that working out?
It’s done well basically just trying to get it the biggest release. We’re not delaying it; we’re just taking our time with it. We want to make sure we have every TV channel. We want everyone to you know plug it, I don’t know how to put it but, so Valentine’s Day I hope it will be out. I’m pretty sure though because it’s been enough time so that works out well. It’ll be awesome.