Photo: Candace Cameron Bure. Credit: ©2020 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Sven Boecker.

Candace Cameron Bure Uses a the Furbo Dog Camera to Watch Boris – Video Inside!

Candace Cameron loves this new dog camera so she can watch her dog, Boris while she’s away from home.

Candace Cameron Bure may be the mother of three almost grown children, but did you know she’s also a dog mom?

That’s right. The family is the owner of a sweet black rottweiler named Boris. Since Candace is a busy actress, starring in her now 9th Hallmark Channel Christmas movie, she’s often on the road. That means Boris doesn’t get to see or hear his mom for weeks at a time.

But that’s all about to change. Candace found a new product that she’s liking a lot called the Furbo Dog Camera (on Amazon). She now can not only watch her dog while she’s away via the smartphone app, but she can also let him hear her voice. The Dog Camera plays Candace’s voice, while Boris walks over to the device, it dispenses a treat.

Check out her Instagram post below to see how the camera works.

Her Full House co-star, Dave Coulier was quick to comment on the video. He said, “Ok. Getting this!!! Ziggy and Shorty are both going to tilt their heads when they hear my voice coming out of that!”

Did you know the Furbo Dog Camera is available on Amazon? It’s Amazon Choice with over 4 stars and 14k reviews. It’s a great gift for the holidays!

Catch Candace in ‘If I Only Had Christmas’ on the Hallmark Channel Sunday, December 29th at 8pm EST.