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Look Like Ariana Grande With These Halloween Costume Ideas Inside!

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You’ll have one less problem this Halloween if you’re wanting to look like Ariana Grande! The singer has so many iconic looks to choose from, most of which are super easy to recreate! Check out these fun ideas below!

“Thank U Next” Music Video Look: Ariana Grande as Regina George

Ariana Grande "Mean Girls" Look
Ariana Grande as Regina George from “Mean Girls” in her “Thank U, Next” Music Video. Image Credit: IG @ArianaGrande.

One of the most iconic looks Ariana has done over the years comes from her “Thank U, Next” music video, when she recreated Regina George’s style from the movie Mean Girls. To recreate this for Halloween, you’ll need a pink cardigan, a girly slogan tank top, a stone skirt, and a tiny buckled bag.

Try: Macy’s Light Pink Cardigan Sweater, Walmart’s “A Little Bit Dramatic” White Tank, Nordstrom Rack’s Wild Honey Corduroy Mini Skirt, and Marc Jacobs Box Bag.

Ariana Grande’s Billboard Music Awards Look

Ariana Grande's Billboard Look
Ariana Grande’s Billboard “Women in Music” Look. Image Credit: IG @ArianaGrande.

Another fashion statement for the history books? Ari’s “loofah” look – aka: the poofiest pink dress with some killer thigh high boots. To recreate her look, you’ll need a fluffy skirted pink mini dress, and some matching velvet-like boots.

Try: Fashion Nova’s No Tears Left for You Mini Dress, and TBDress’ Pink Velvet High Heeled Boots.

Ariana Grande’s Casual/Off-Duty Look

Ariana Grande's Casual Tour Look
Ariana Grande’s off duty look can serve as a great costume idea. Image Credit: IG @ArianaGrande.

Ariana has rocked this casual outfit while off-duty after tour. It consists of a yellow tank top, some bike shorts, fish-netted tights, and a puffer coat. To recreate it, you’ll need a scoop neck tank, some form-fitting shorts, tights, and of course a bold bomber jacket.

Try: Forever 21’s Ribbed Camisole Bodysuit and Black Biker Shorts; Gucci’s Fishnet Tights; and Shein’s Metallic Jacket.

Ariana Grande’s “Don’t Call Me Angel” Music Video Look 1: Snow White Angel

Ariana Grande White Angel Look
Ariana Grande Angel Look from “Don’t Call Me Angel” Music Video. Image Credit: IG @ArianaGrande.

In her latest music video, Ariana donned a gorgeous laced angel outfit, complete with wings that would make a Victoria Secret model jealous. To recreate this look, you’ll need a white lace dress, or bralette and skirt overlay, plus some white angel wings.

Try: Windsor’s Embellished Bodysuit with Pretty Little Thing Sequin Mini Skirt. Pair it with Party City’s White Angel Wings and White Thigh High Boots.

Ariana Grande’s “Don’t Call Me Angel” Music Video Look 2: Dark Angel

Ariana Grande's Dark Angel Look
Ariana Grande’s “Dark Angel” look from her “Don’t Call Me Angel” music video. Image Credit: IG @ArianaGrande.

If you’re dying to go to the dark side, then try Ariana’s dark angel outfit from her “Don’t Call Me Angel” music video instead. To recreate it, you’ll need a black strapless dress and some midnight angel wings.

Try: Pretty Little Thing’s Black Bodycon Mini Dress and Spirit Halloween’s Black Feathered Angel Wings.

Ariana Grande’s “7 Rings” Music Video Look: Hot Pink

Ariana Grande "7 Rings" Look
Ariana Grande’s hot pink ensemble for her “7 Rings” music video. Image Credit: IG @ArianaGrande.

Ariana has a passion for pink, because she rocked yet another iconic getup in her music video “7 Rings.” To recreate her look, you’ll need a hot pink crop top and leggings, plus a fuchsia fanny pack.

Try: Pretty Little Thing’s Hot Pink Crop Top, Pretty Little Thing’s Fuchsia Leggings, and Forever 21’s Neon Pink Fanny Pack.

Ariana Grande’s Luxe Leather Look

Ariana Grande Leather Look
Ariana poses in a luxe leather ensemble. Image Credit: IG @ArianaGrande.

If you’re looking to be daring this Halloween, look no further than Ariana’s badass leather ensemble. To recreate this look, you’ll need a black leather bustier, matching skirt, and some knee high black leather boots.

Try: Shein’s Crisscross Faux Leather Crop Top, Shein’s Black Leather Mini Skirt, and Nordstrom Rack’s Franco Sarto Leather Boots.

There you have it: 7 iconic options to choose from in order to look like Ariana Grande this Halloween. Hopefully this inspires you and helps you find the perfect costume! Happy Halloween!


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