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[Beauty] What Kind of Hair Heat Protect Spray does Jess Conte Use?

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Jess and Gabriel Conte are always dropping awesome videos for their nearly 2 million YouTube subscribers.  

In their newest video, “Husband Takes Birth Pain Simulator,” Gabriel wants to see how it would feel for a woman going through birth pains.  He said he wants to take the pain away from Jess.  Aww!  Now those are husband goals.  

Jess’s loyal followers love to copy Jess’s style.  While she was flat ironing her hair in the video, she mentioned how she accidentally burned her heat protect spray.  Which spray does she exactly use to achieve her silky smooth hair?  

Jess Conte uses the GHD Heat Protect Spray

Jess relies on the GHD Style Heat Protect Spray.  You can get it right on

And just to top it all off, Gabe took the flat iron from his wife to help her straighten her hair.  Total relationship goals.