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Who is Robert Scott Wilson from ‘Days of Our Lives?’ Get to Know the Talented Actor!

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You may have seen Robert Scott Wilson grace your television screen, but do you know his real-life story? Get to know this talented actor’s age, movies, TV appearances, and more below!

How old is Robert?

The Massachusetts born actor is 30 years old. His birthday is on November 9.

What’s his family like?

Robert is very close with his mother, Cheryl. They are both fans of sports, and they love to spend time together – even traveling from coast to coast (LA to Boston, or vice versa) to visit each other. How sweet!

He was in the 2009 movie, ‘Bride Wars‘ with Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson.

In a “blink and you’ll miss it” scene towards the end of the film, you can see Robert with Anne Hathaway’s character during her “partying days.” See if you can spot his face around the 18 second mark in the clip below!

He also plays bad boy Ben Weston on the popular soap opera ‘Days of Our Lives.

Robert’s character Ben has been brought back into the show twice over the last 4 years, and has appeared in over 180 episodes! His character is described as “dark and mysterious” and is super popular with fans because of the chemistry between his character and Victoria Konefal’s character, Ciara.

What movies has Rob been working on?

He’s recently completed a couple films, including the 2018 Lifetime movie ‘Stalked by a Reality Star‘ and the independent film ‘Papa.’ In the former, he portrays Brad, a totally hot but obsessive reality TV star who gets hooked on a girl named Kendra (played by Emily Bader).

In the latter, he stars as Ben, a young man who decides to meet his biological family after many years. That film also stars well-known celebrities like Frankie Avalon, Ann-Margret, Mischa Barton, and Eric Roberts.

You can catch Rob along with the rest of the ensemble cast in Days of Our Lives, which airs Mondays-Fridays 1/12 c on NBC.