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‘This or That’ Challenge with Michael Campion from ‘Fuller House’

Michael Campion from Fuller House on Netflix

Fuller House has been picked up for season 4 and we just had to catch up with Michael Campion from the hit show on Netflix.  Michael plays Jackson Fuller, DJ’s oldest son and Rocki’s “almost” boyfriend.  We put Michael up to the “This or That” Challenge. 

Watch the video below: 

Day or night Day
Math or English English for sure!
Breakfast or dinner foods – Breakfast, 100%!  Bacon and almonds are my two favorites.
Dressed up or casual – Dressed up
Reading or writing – Writing
Health food or junk food – Health food! I like being healthy.
Sweet or salty – Salty for sure
Reese’s peanut butter cups or Hershey bars – Wow, oh my gosh! That is so difficult.  Peanut butter cups
Fruits or vegetables – Fruits
Airplane or car – I like road trips so I’ll say by car
Eat in or dine out – Dine out for sure

Michael Campion Fuller House Season 4 2018
Michael Campion from Fuller House | Credit: Robert Kazandjian


We also asked Michael questions about his Fuller House castmates in a

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