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Products the Makeup Artist from Fuller House Uses

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We search high and low to bring some of the best products to you.  Fuller House is a Netflix hit which brings back the nostalgia of the smash hit “Full House” with many of the same characters, continuing where they left off.  Teri Groves is the amazing makeup artist on set keeping everyone looking great, particularly the females of the show.  One important product you need is a great eye makeup remover.  Who wants residue and streaks of old makeup staining your eyelids and around your eyes?  (Mascara can make everything blotchy and black)

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Skip the black eye look.  Teri Groves suggests using Epicuren Crystal Clear Eye Makeup Remover.

Straight from Teri: “The best make up remover ever. Cannot live without this. I personally use it and all of my actors absolutely love it.”

Try out Epicuren Crystal Clear Eye Makeup Remover for Yourself.