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One-on-One Interview with Shawn Christian from Drama Series “Famous in Love”


Shawn Christian Photo 2016
Q&A with actor Shawn Christian

Shawn Christian Interview – October 2016

Well known for his role as the dreamy Dr. Jonas on Days of Our Lives, Shawn Christian is synonymous with handsome on-screen gem.  He has graced the screen of TVs everywhere.  We had the chance to sit down with this charismatic guy for an exclusive interview.  We talk about his mid-west roots, his “love” of technology, how he got into the business and his Entourage-like newest project with a special Disney alum.  Take a look and learn more about the one-and-only Shawn Christian. Plus find out about the special message he has for our readers of Feeling the Vibe Magazine!

Season: Spring
Restaurant: Sushi
Breakfast Food: I never eat breakfast.  I usually have a protein shake, with all the fruits or vegetables. I don’t mix the two.
Band: Guns n Roses
Hobby: Basketball, it helps me clear my mind


This or That
iPhone or Android: iPhone
Pop or Hip Hop: Hip Hop
Talking or Texting: Texting (If the thread gets too long, I’ll just make a phone call) So many things get misconstrued in the text.
Summer or Winter: Summer (I’m done with winter! I’ve scraped the snow off my windows and I’m done with that  Vacationing in Aspen, yes, but not living in it day to day.)


The Last..
Concert You Went To: Pink (she’s amazing!)
Person You Texted: Publicity agent and my mother
Vacation you Took: Kauai, Hawaii


Where are you from originally?
I grew up in Michigan where my family still lives.  After Michigan, I moved to Chicago, New York City, then LA.
What did you think of NYC when you lived here?
I loved NYC.  I love the people and the culture.  When I would screen test in Chicago, people would always tell me I needed to go to LA or NY.  I always used the excuse that in LA, everyone wanted something from you and in NY nobody has time for you.  That was my excuse.  Then you actually go there and you meet fabulous people in LA and in NY.  If you’re a good person, you will find and surround yourself with good people.  I went to NY initially intimidated, and thought wow this is a great neighborhood feel.  I found how your neighbors would help you in a snowstorm to shovel the walkways and stoops.  Everyone helps each other.  I knew the mailman’s name, the UPS guy, the laundromat guy, etc.  You have a human connection in NY.  New Yorkers are very real and I respect that.
What’s your background/nationality?
I’m Scandinavian, Irish and a little German.  My mom is Scandinavian, with blue eyes and blonde hair.  My dad is dark with jet black hair. Maybe I need to do to find out if there is anything else in me.
Do you have any siblings?
I do have a younger brother who still lives in Michigan.  We are completely opposite.  I’m more of an extrovert and he’s an introvert.  He’s very hands on and loves woodwork. I’ll try to work on something, screw it up and then I’ll pay someone to fix it.  I tend to think I can do it.
Do you have a big extended family?
Yes, I have a bunch of cousins and a son who is an amazing musician.  He produces music.  He plays piano and guitar.  I think he is a beast when it comes to producing music.  His name is Kameron Christian. Please visit his website  (See a picture of Shawn’s son, Kameron below in the studio)

With the homie Jake chillin @jakeadriano

A photo posted by Kameron Christian (@kameronchristianofficial) on

For teens and young adults, what type of life advice would you give them that you wish you knew?
The biggest thing I always say is to follow your heart.  Everyone has something very unique and special about themselves.  To be able to hear that voice and follow that voice.  We all reach hardships but to continue on that path with dignity and integrity.  Everyone is faced with choices.  Life is not easy.  Listen to your own voice and follow through, even when it’s hard.  When you reach a crisis and something gets difficult, what are you made of?  What choice are you going to make?  You could be having a great time when you’re getting along.  That’s easy, but when things get really hard you may feel like you don’t have a friend in the world.  Know that you do by the way and your sense of self worth will take you so many places.  Don’t let anyone define you but yourself.


What was your first acting job?
Aside from commercials, it was “As the World Turns.”  It was one of the greatest learning experiences for me.  I had to figure out the production and technical part but also how to handle the press and celebrity with grace.  It definitely helped me to get where I’m at right now.


Where and how did you learn to act?
Just living my life!  I say all the time, don’t just be myopic and focused on “I want to be an actor.”  You have to live and have something to draw from.  That really was my life growing up.  I wrote little plays and loved to perform in school plays.  That’s really how I learned.  I will continue to always push myself and learn.  I’ll take my weaknesses and go ok that’s not very good and learn from it.  It’s very beneficial to work with all different producers and single camera productions, 3 camera comedy, drama, feature films from a variety of different directors.  We have had a new director for every episode on “Famous in Love.”  I’ve learned something not only about myself but what I have to offer.  For me, I never stop learning. I just love it.


We hear you’re part of a new show, “Famous in Love” coming up on Freeform. Tell us a little  about the premise of the show.
I just finished filming the first season.  It’s a blessing for sure. “Famous in Love” is like Entourage but with more women and culturally diverse.  It’s a look inside the power, the fame and highs and lows of the Hollywood Business.  My character essentially owns what is “Warner Brothers” in the show.


Do you play a tough owner on the show?
I’m irreverent.  It’s a wonderful tone that they allow me to play with.  The producers are amazing.  There’s a lot of good energy.


What is it like to work with Bella Thorne?
She plays Paige who is thrust into this lifestyle.  She does an amazing job with this character and portrays what it would be like to experience fame from just one in the crowd.  Its a very complex journey for her and she works it so great.


  Filmed late into the night with this class act. #Famousinlovetv #Glamour&Grit #talentedcast #hardworkingcrew   A photo posted by Shawn Christian (@shawnchristian5150) on

When will Famous in Love air?
Spring 2017.  It’s scheduled to air after the Pretty Little Liars season finale.


What is a typical day on set like for you?
If we are in Hollywood, we will go out to the beach or Rodeo Drive since it’s a reflection of Hollywood culture.  I love to shoot on location, especially in Malibu.  If we are out in Malibu it’s a good day! Otherwise we are on the Warner Brothers lot.  It’s a wonderful pace.  They give us the time to bring our own voice to the character.  I’m very fortunate that I have time to really dive into this show and character.  They are very talented, they do their homework.


How would you say working on this show is different from your work on a soap opera like “Days of Our Lives” where you played Dr. Daniel Jonas?
The huge difference between a primetime show and a soap opera is definitely the pace. A primetime show has about 8-10 pages a day you have to memorize and you have to shoot on the spot.  With a soap opera, it’s essentially just one take and sometimes we don’t even get a rehearsal. With a primetime show, they take the time to turn the camera around and shoot again.  You have to be very plausible with storylines that are outside of the box on soaps.  You have to pull it all together, make it truthful to yourself and relatable to your audience. It is the closest thing to live theater that you can get.
Shawn Christian as Dr. Daniel Jonas on Days of Our Lives
Shawn Christian as Dr. Daniel Jonas on ‘Days of Our Lives’


How do you feel about social media?
It’s sort of a love/hate for me.  I’m more of a private person.  If I know you intimately or personally, I’ll tell you anything.  I do use Twitter and Instagram.  On the “Famous in Love” set, all the young adults are so savvy.  Bella blows it up!  She knows how it works.  I’m kind of learning from them.  In this industry, I can see the advantage of it.  You can get your message out there to the public.


How can Your Fans Reach You?
I love to hear from my supporters on my social media.  They can reach me on Instagram or Twitter.


Please follow Shawn Christian on Instagram and visit his website to keep up with his upcoming projects!