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Get to Know Mercer Henderson, Kendall Vertes’ BFF with these 8 Fun Facts

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15 year old San Francisco native Mercer Henderson is on the fast track to success. She’s already been featured in USA Today and Forbes magazine for her tech company, 4GirlsTech. She’s contributed to and has a blossoming music career. Is there anything she can’t do? To know even more about multi-talented (and Kendall Vertes‘ BFF!) Mercer, keep reading below for 8 fun facts!

Exclusive Mercer Henderson Interview

Mercer Henderson

When did you become involved in music and why? 

I have been involved in music all my life. I landed the lead role in a local musical when I was pretty young and my love for music took off from there. I started writing songs when I was about 8 years old which has turned out to be a great thing. I am too tall for most musical theater kid parts now so writing and recording is a way to keep my passion alive while my age catches up with my height.

Is the Kendall you know the same girl you saw on Dance Moms? Why or why not? 

I only watched a little Dance Moms when I was younger so I don’t have a lot of [Dance Moms] context. I can share that Kendall is a very funny and kind person. We literally laugh all day (and night) long when we are together. She is also the kind of friend that you can pick up a conversation with months later and continue like you never stopped talking. That is super important because we live on opposite coasts. We stay connected with FaceTime, Snap[chat]…and we always pick up where we left off.

Mercer Henderson with Kendall Vertes

Is there a food or dessert you’re obsessed with? 

I am always up for a good ice cream or cupcake…when K[endall] and I are together we try and have ocean trout. And I love udon!

Any makeup secrets? 

I try not to over do my everyday makeup – if I wear any at all. I buy good makeup (Kendall helped me pick it out!) so I know what is going on my skin is okay. I am more focused on skincare than makeup.

Something that’s always in your bag? 

Glasses cleaner, LOL. I cannot stand when my glasses have anything on them. Lip stuff and a brush (my bangs are super high maintenance).

Mercer Henderson and Kendall Vertes
Image from Instagram/Mercer.Henderson


Any hints you can share about your secret project with Kendall? 

You will have to watch our Instagrams for hints! We love working together so we are always coming up with ideas.

How do you stay fit?

I tried the “7 minute workout” but it was hard to find an extra 7 minutes. I walk a lot, surf or play tennis when I can and I have been increasing my tap dancing (for musical theater).

Favorite thing to do when not doing music or school? 

I love hanging with my little sister (she is even in the video) and my dogs. We can walk to the beach in SF [San Francisco] which is awesome (when its not cold).

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Now you’ve got the inside scoop on Kendall’s BFF, Mercer! Be sure to watch out for this superstar – she’s got a new hit single out called “Could’ve Picked Me” and is volunteering with a ton of worthy causes. You can often see her in dance videos with Kendall on her Instagram, so go ahead and give her a follow!