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Get Maddie Ziegler’s Stylish Look!


Maddie Ziegler
Maddie Ziegler looking stylish on Dance Moms!

Achieve Maddie Ziegler’s cute and elegant look for under $50!

You may know Maddie Ziegler either from her lead role on the reality television show Dance Moms or her recent appearance in Sia’s music video for Chandelier. It is quite obvious that the young dancer has great style and knows how to accessorize her look.

Find out how to get Maddie’s chic look and where to find her whole outfit for a low price!

Coral Colored Lace Dress

Maddie Ziegler
Coral Lace Dress

Maddie wears a coral colored lace dress with a hint of pink and peach. The sleeveless dress is slightly above the knees and has an elegant seam in the waist. It is great to wear for any occasion, whether formal or casual without sticking out too much from the crowd.

Get the dress from H&M: Maddie’s Dress!

Silver Ballet Flats

Maddie Ziegler
Max Footwear May Ballet Flats

To add a more vibrant color to her look, Maddie wears silver ballet flats to complement her light pink dress. These shoes are especially great for  kids and teens as they are both cute, comfortable, and inexpensive. You can wear them with either a dress or skirt for any occasion, whether to a dance recital or a normal day at school.

Get the ballet flats from Amazon: Maddie’s shoes!

Yellow/Gold Glitter Hair Bow

Maddie Ziegler
Yellow/Gold Tulle Glitter Hair Bow

The gold, glittery bow that Maddie wears to add a slight edge to her outfit is the perfect hairstyle piece. Its small size is great for wearing with any type of outfit, fancy or plain. Whether you are wearing your hair down or up, the bow adds that touch of extra sunshine to your overall look.

Get the hair bow from Amazon: Maddie’s hair bow!

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