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Exclusive Q&A with Cerina Vincent from ‘Stuck in the Middle’ on the New Season, Her Favorite Beauty Products & More!

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Stuck in the Middle star Cerina Vincent recently sat down with us for an interview, where she discussed the new season, her favorite things and some fun facts! She even shared some of her upcoming projects with us, so keep reading below for all the details!

Cerina Vincent by Russell Baer 5
Credit: Russell Baer


Congratulations on season 3 of Stuck in the Middle! If you could create the storyline for your character in season 3, what would it be?

Thank you! Wow, what a fun question. I’d love to see individual story lines with Suzy and each of the kids. Our writers are extraordinary, but with such a big cast, you can’t get everything in. The show is from Harley’s perspective! I’d love to teach through Suzy’s perspective. I would like an episode where Suzy teaches the kids to find answers within themselves by meditating and getting quiet. Obviously it would have to be in a fun-quirky-Suzy kind of way. I also love flashback episodes. It would be fun to see what Tom and Suzy were like in high school! Maybe she had big bangs, blue eye shadow, stuff like that?! 

What is your nationality?

75% Italian. My mother is 100% and my father is 50%!

What is one thing you know now that you wish you knew when you were in your teens? 

Great question. I wish I knew the principles of mindfulness. I wish I knew the difference between the ego mind and those negative thought patters that so often rule us and our true inner self that has unlimited power. Having that knowledge is life changing. And to know that as a teen you can change the world. My mentor Libby Edson created a program called YoMind and she’s bringing yoga and mindfulness into schools and athletic programs. And I’m also writing a book on this topic. So, stay tuned!

Cerina Vincent of Stuck in the Middle

We’d love to know! What’s in your purse right now? 

OMG! It’s a mess. So much makeup; lipsticks and eyeliners and 5 mascaras. Essential oils! It’s a must to keep your sanity in LA traffic. I have a couple dollars floating around. Lavender hand sanitizer, scrunchies! I am bringing back the scrunchie people! I started having Suzy wear them on Stuck in the Middle and now I’m hooked. A chocolate peanut butter Lara Bar, a mini pack of almonds and gum. A sharpie. A pencil. And a residual check for .60 cents!

You always look so beautiful! Can you give us a breakdown of your daily skincare and makeup routine?

Ha! Thank you! Honestly, last night I fell asleep with my makeup on and the night before too. I’m obsessed with Kate Somerville skin care products. I have sensitive skin, but her line feels magical. I’m also a very natural person. I use a lot of essential oils and I drink a ton of water. When I do take off my makeup I use I Pure Jojoba Oil and I’m addicted to Rose Water. I spray it on my face about 15 times a day.

What’s your favorite go to lip gloss?

I love Rosebud’s or Kiehl’s.

Still from Stuck in the Middle movie: 'Stuck at Christmas' Cerina Vincent
(Disney Channel/Ron Tom)


What is your favorite hair product to make your hair so beautifully full?

Well, I just happen to have a ton of hair so I use a lot of oils and conditioners to tame it down. Oribe has an oil that is magical. So does Hask! The more natural the products, the better. I’m sensitive to a lot of fake products.

What is your favorite store to shop at?

Cost Plus World Market. I know you were hoping for a clothing store but I am obsessed with World Market. I love stuff for the home. Candles and frames and lights and throw pillows! Plus I can get olive oil and wine, too! 

How do you stay fit? What’s your go to workout routine?

I love to exercise. I grew up in a very active household so If I’m not moving, I’m not happy. I do a lot of yoga. I love to hike. I’ll take a killer spin class a few times a month. My favorite workout is taught by my friend Grace Lazenby at Equinox. I go to Rockin’ Models. It’s yoga, Pilates, ballet, pole… all in one. It’s a killer class and so much fun!


Still from Stuck in the Middle movie: 'Stuck at Christmas' (Disney Channel/Ron Tom)
Still from Stuck in the Middle movie: ‘Stuck at Christmas’ (Disney Channel/Ron Tom)


Can you tell us a funny behind the scenes story from the set of Stuck in the Middle?

I go to work everyday with 7 kids!! Honestly, there’s so much wild crazy fun every day I can’t just pick one. I like to sit back and watch the kids interact. They are always playing pranks on each other. One time Jenna popped out from under pillows and scared me. I screamed. I’m pretty sure it’s on my Instagram if you scroll back a year! That was funny. Never a dull moment on Stuck in the Middle!

What television show can you totally binge watch 10 episodes in one day?

Stranger Things and Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry!!

Do you have any hidden talents?

I have an amazing ability to create an incredible dinner with no food in the house. I can take 4 random things and turn them into something delicious and healthy. Also… I’m a really good ping-pong player! Not many people know that.

What are your holiday plans?

Family, family, family! Cook, eat, drink and be merry with my giant wonderful family. And I will snuggle with my nephew. 

What is your favorite holiday food to cook?

We are Italian! At Christmas is all about homemade pasta and meatballs!

Are you working on any other projects that you’d like our readers to know about?

I’m writing another book that I am SO excited about. I’ll have more details on that soon. I have an indie movie that just came out called Broken Memories about Alzheimer’s. I have just a small role, but it’s a special film. Rance Howard is the lead. He is Ron Howard’s father. He is just extraordinary. I had an uncle pass away of this disease and my Aunt took care of him. What the caretakers go through is heartbreaking. This special film touches on all of that. And I have a fun Lifetime movie coming out soon called The Killer Work Wife. But right now, I’m soaking up all the goodness on set of season 3 of Stuck in the Middle!

A very special thank you to Cerina Vincent for sitting down with us! Be sure to follow her on social media – her handle is @cerinavincent – for more fun! And don’t forget to catch new episodes of Disney Channel‘s Stuck in the Middle Friday nights at 8/7c, starting with their new movie, “Stuck at Christmas” on December 8!