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Exclusive Interview with Bride-to-Be Sabrina Bryan on New Episode of ‘Say Yes to the Dress!’

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Sabrina Bryan is a multi talented superstar – she’s a dancer, an actress, a coach, an advocate and now, a soon-to-be married womanThe Cheetah Girls star gave us the inside scoop on her life now: her wedding plans, filming of an upcoming episode of “Say Yes to the Dress,” and some of her favorite memories! Keep reading to find out more in our exclusive Q&A!

Sabrina Bryan
Photo Credit: jeremy lee photography.



Style of Dance: Technical. I love how it takes a team of people to pull it off. Pirouettes, double leg holds, there’s a lot that goes into it.

Meal or Snack: Anything with zoodles [zucchini noodles]! I love Italian food, so it’s just like having pasta without all the carbs. I love them with lemon sauce or using thin ones for lasagna.

Cheetah Girls memory: Seeing Kiely [Williams’] older sister get engaged in Barcelona! Really just anytime our families got together!

Activity to do in your free time: Disneyland! My fiancé and I have annual passes, so we go all the time!  Disneyland at Christmas time is my favorite thing ever.

Song or Artist: Gwen Stefani has been my girl forever, since I was in high school. Now she’s all girly, but before she was really punk and folky.  Her music is amazing. She always sets trends.

Recent Purchase: A comfy sweater from Nordstrom. I’m always freezing, so I need one that you can just throw on over anything.

Dancing with the Stars routine: A toss-up between the first ChaCha with Mark [Ballas] and the rumba with Louis [van Amstel]. It was Mark’s first DWTS time too, and I remember the lights, being on live TV. My rumba with Louis was special because he created it with his professional partner first, then taught me, so it was an honor to get to do that. Plus, these routines were 5 years apart so it’s hard to pick between them.

Sabrina Bryan & Louis van Amstel "Dancing with the Stars"
Photo Credit: Dancing with the Stars



Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! What has the planning process been like for you and your fiancé Jordan [Lundberg]?

Thank you! I couldn’t have had a better time. Elle & Jay Events, my publicist, they all chipped in and made the process so much easier. I thought it was gonna be difficult with decisions, but 100% has been great. The hardest part has been budgeting out money; but I’m definitely not as overwhelmed as I thought.

Sabrina Bryan and fiancé Jordan Lundberg
Sabrina Bryan with her fiancé, Jordan Lundberg | Photo Credit: IG @Sabrina Bryan


You recently filmed an episode of “Say Yes to the Dress.” What was that like and what can viewers expect?

It was a huge highlight! I felt like I was in Europe shopping at a fancy store…that’s how amazing Kleinfeld’s is! I was like “OMG! Look at the jewelry!” and I looked at every corner and aspect of the store. In the episode, you’ll see me fangirling over Hayley Paige and her dresses. I think she’s like ‘our generation’s Vera Wang.’  I really just soaked everything in. My mom said I was the truest bride…so excited about everything! It was a different experience than the other episodes they’ve done, but I can’t really say much else!

Sabrina Bryan
Photo Credit: jeremy lee photography


Speaking of weddings, you were the Maid of Honor at Kiely Williams‘ wedding in 2016. Is she in your wedding party as well? Did you ever think you would be at each other’s weddings when you starred in The Cheetah Girls all those years ago?

Yes, I was the maid of honor at Kiely’s wedding; her older sister was the matron of honor. Yes, she’s in my wedding party! She’s sharing the co-matron of honor position with my cousin! We had no idea that we’d be in each other’s weddings when we first started The Cheetah Girls….that first movie had 3 weeks of rehearsal in Toronto before shooting for 6. We just thought it was one of Disney Channel’s many movies they were putting out at the time as well as the music.  We didn’t have a contract for the album, we just had songs and thought “Let’s just make an album!”  When I looked over at Kiely all those years ago, I don’t think I thought “Yes, this girl’s gonna be in my wedding!

You have a lot on your plate with planning your wedding and filming. You also coach a cheer team. How is that going?

It’s amazing! Stacy Shube actually did it with me during The Cheetah Girls; and I was on a team in high school! Now my best friend Stephanie has helped me coach, we tag team coaching. It’s so great, especially when I’ve been on tour or filming. I love the girls’ junior year…they’re so independent and have their [driver’s] licenses. Senior year, they’re ready to move on. I’ve loved coaching them and seeing them grow.  I’ve been an ear for the girls, like another mom to them.

You’ve always been an advocate for confidence and being your best self!  What tips can you give our readers on confidence?

Confidence comes from achieving your goals. When you set goals and try to achieve them, you build character in the hard work you do. Having good family and friends around helps too! I have a great group of women, my mom, my aunt, my grandma – girl empowerment. My grandma owned drugstores and my mom owned wig stores…they worked hard. Kiely’s a huge inspiration to me too, we motivate each other.


Sabrina Bryan
Photo Credit: jeremy lee photography.


We know you love to stay active. Do you have any fitness tips to share with us?

Gym classes. 24 Hour Fitness has a lot of them! I take spin classes, and I did Soul Cycle a while back. 24 hour has a body pump class, tons of cardio and music driven movements. I love PiYo (Pilates and Yoga mix), I’m actually certified in it! TRX, too – it uses bands, and you use your own weight [as] resistance. You just have to find a bunch of classes you really love, not just one so if it’s cancelled you don’t workout that day. Getting to the gym is honestly the hardest part…I don’t know how my fiancé works out at night, I have to get there first thing in the morning! It keeps me energized and makes me feel good! 

Do you have any other upcoming projects or exciting announcements to share?

Yes! Kiely and I actually have our own production company – SceneGirlsTV on YouTube. We’ve got a second season of “March Moms”, which is all about mom life. Since Kiely’s a mom now, it’s interesting to see mom life for her! We love to support female-driven projects.

A huge thank you to Sabrina Bryan taking the time to speak with us! We cannot wait to see her episode of Say Yes to the Dress on TLC and we wish her the absolute best, most beautiful wedding! Be sure to follow Sabrina on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to keep up with all of her newest posts and projects!