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Exclusive Interview: Fun Facts with ‘Andi Mack’s’ Joshua Rush

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Joshua Rush is living every 15 year old’s dream as one of the stars of Disney’s breakout hit Andi Mack. The young star sat down with Feeling the Vibe for an interview and talked about his cast mates, his favorites, and other fun behind the scenes information! Read the interview below!

FTV: How would your friends describe you in three words?
JR: Quirky, funny, and probably collected.
FTV: Any funny stories from set?
JR: Too many to count! I’m a bit clumsy, so getting shocked by static electricity, falling face first in to the snow, people hiding behind doors to scare me, and many more were not things I was a stranger to. But I did try to get back at Peyton for scaring me too many times by standing behind a door to spook her! She pushed the door right in to my face before I had a second to scare her!
Video Game: Forza Horizon 3
Movie:Right now it’s La La Land, but it changes frequently!
Vacation: Israel, where I had my Bar Mitzvah!
Dessert: I’m a fan of a good lychee sorbet once in a while!
Ice Cream Flavor: COOKIE DOUGH!
Sport to Play: Football
YouTube Channel: CGP Grey

The Last…
Person You Texted: The “Best Friend Squad” group text
Game You Played: Rocket League
Movie or TV Show You Watched: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Song You Listened To: Alt-J’s “House of the Rising Sun” rendition from RELAXER!


To see Joshua in action, be sure to catch new episodes of Andi Mack Fridays at 8:30pm EST on Disney Channel!