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Candace Cameron Bure’s Style Over the Years & How You Can Recreate It!

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Candace Cameron has been in the spotlight since she was just 10 years old, when she was cast as DJ Tanner on the hit show Full House. Now at 41, the Fuller House star shows no signs of slowing down. She’s all over social media, shooting movies and TV spots for Hallmark Channel, and of course, being a wife and mother. Another thing that has changed? Her style! Keep reading below to see how her style has evolved.


Candace Cameron Floral Dress 1990
Candace Cameron in 1990. Image from WireImage/


Candace wore this floral dress when she attended a red carpet event. The blue and white flowers really pop against the black fabric of the dress. Plus the longer, almost 3 quarter sleeves were very on-trend with the 90’s. The best part? Forever 21 is selling an exact match to this dress, making it perfect for today’s trends! Rock it with sheer hose like Candace did, or make it more current by rocking black tights or even just some black pumps.


Candace Cameron Full House 1993
Candace Cameron in still from Full House episode ‘Prom Night’ in 1993. Image from ABC/Bustle


Candace wore this green dress in the 1993 prom episode of Full House. The giant ruffle was huge in the 90’s, while the emerald green color was a cool take on velvet. To update this trend for today, you can get a dress from Dillard’s with the same emerald velvet, just with a smaller ruffled off the shoulder detail. And since sideswept waves are a classic style, you can totally rock them whenever you’d like.


Candace Cameron Full House 1995
Candace Cameron in a still from a 1995 ‘Full House’ episode. Image from ABC


Candace wore this ensemble on a 1995 episode of Full House. Denim vests were starting to make an appearance in the 90’s, while sweaters were always in style. The tiny floral print on the bottoms were an easy way to incorporate pattern back then. To make this work in today’s world, grab a dark denim vest with a little fraying on the edges, a thin navy sweater and a skinnier floral pant. Get the vest from Walmart, the sweater from Equipment France, and the pants from GAP.


Candace Cameron 2000s Maroon Dress
Candace Cameron in 2000 with husband Val Bure. Image from Wonderwall/Alamy Photo


Candace (pictured here with husband Val Bure) wore this maroon halter style dress while attending a Hollywood premiere. Since this was the start of the 2000’s, the “prom dress” look was still very much in style, as were ruched bodices. To modernize this style, you can focus on sleek lines and leave the detail in the deep V and high leg slit. You can get the dress from Tobi.


Candace Cameron 2007 Black Dress
Candace Cameron in 2007. Image from Jeff Daly/Getty Images


Candace wore this black dress with a shiny belt when she attended the Celebrity Pro Tennis Cocktail Reception. The slight pleats in the dress give her some additional shape, while the belt cinches the waistline. You can get an almost exact match from Calvin Klein, the only difference is the size of the belt.

Candace Cameron Yellow Dress 2009 MIOBI
Candace Cameron in a promo shoot for ‘Make It Or Break It’ in 2009. Image from ABC Family Studios


Candace wore this yellow dress for a promotional shoot when she starred on the ABC Family show Make It Or Break It back in 2009. The shift dress is very flattering and is still a popular choice today. There’s a similar dress that you can get from Matches Fashion that gives you the same shift shape, mid-length cut and tank top straps.


Candace Cameron Blue Black Dress 2016
Candace Cameron at Netflix’s ‘Fuller House’ premiere party in 2016. Image from Getty Images


Candace wore this blue and black dress at the 2016 Netflix premiere party for Fuller House. She looked like she was glowing thanks to the satin dress, and the combination of dark blue and black accents made the mid-length dress look very sophisticated. You can get a similar option from Vestaire, which has the higher neck, the long sleeves, the dual colors and same shiny effect that her dress has.


Candace Cameron Sweaters 2017
Candace Cameron in a still from her latest Hallmark movie in 2017. Image from


Candace wore this ensemble for a promotional shoot for her latest Hallmark movie. This look is actually a combination of a couple different sweaters – a thicker knit sweater in light blue and a thinner cardigan overtop in navy. You can get a similar cardigan from H&M and a an almost exact light blue sweater from H&M too.

Those are only some of Candace’s amazing looks over the years. Be sure to follow her on Instagram, where she posts #OOTD’s and plenty of throwbacks to her 90’s style!