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54 Fun Facts You Need to Know About YouTuber Gabriel Conte

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Gabriel Conte Fun Facts

Get to know YouTuber, Gabriel Conte a little better with this list of 54 fun facts!

Have you been following Gabriel since his days on Vine?  Can’t get enough of his antics and comedy on the vlogs with wife, Jess Conte?  We are going to spotlight Gabriel with some fun facts, you may or may not know about him.  Keep reading to find out!

54 Fun Facts : Gabriel Conte Edition

1 : Gabriel grew up in sunny south Florida

2 : He comes from a big family with an older brother, Claudio, younger sister, Sofia, and younger brother Nico.

3 : He was right by his wife’s, Jess side when she was baptized.

4 : He once presented at the Streamy Awards before he was married

5 : Stars in the Go 90 series, “Mr. Student Body President”

6 : He is a devout Christian and attends Hillsong Church in Los Angeles

7 : Does not curse in real life (only for acting parts)

8 : Moved to Los Angeles from Florida to pursue his acting career

9 : He and friend, Jacko from Australia first met at a YouTube convention in New York City 3 days before Halloween

10 : Jacko’s first impression of Gabriel was that he was a bit “intimidating” because he was “tall, tan and good looking.”

11 : He took Starbucks with him every day that he skateboarded over to the set of “Mr. Student Body President.”

12 : He was home schooled after attending school for only 2 years, along with all of his siblings

13 : Always had a passion of making videos since he was young

14 : He started his online content creation on the social video sharing app, Vine

15 : Left the country for the first time ever in July 2016 and it essentially changed his whole life

16 : “Kerm On” Gabe totally has a few catch phrases. It’s lit! (like how we did that? ;))

17 : He is a huge coffee drinker – this tweet proves it!

18 : He loved meeting his fans on the “Another Day Another Tour” saying they have the best, loving, caring, most respectful fans.

19 : While in Washington Square in NY, he tried the world famous huge slice of artichoke pizza and loved it in his “My Australian Wife Tries New York Pizza

20: When he was younger, he saved up all his Christmas and birthday money to buy an iPod Touch to make better quality videos

21 : Is of Cuban, Colombian and Spanish descent

22 : Gabriel is super close to his mom, Grace. Look at this sweet throwback photo and message.

23 : He got through a long distance relationship with then-girlfriend Jess by FaceTiming of course!

24 : He wore earrings at one time

25 : Gabriel has a fall birthday. He was born on October 20, 1994

26 : Relies on the Canon G7X Mark II for his vlogging needs

27 : Loves wearing his Nintendo 64 sweatshirt (and wife Jess does too – you can get a similar one here!)

28 : Once surprised his mother by flying down to Florida for her birthday. Watch her reaction in the video below, too cute! (Scroll to 6:27 to see Gabe surprise not only his mom, but his siblings too)

29 : He just loves scaring Jess – this can be seen in almost all of their vlogs!

30 : Gabriel has said building legos helps him destress – (see just what legos Gabriel has)

31 : He uses Apple’s “Final Cut Pro” to edit the vlogs for his own channel and Jessriel’s channel

32 : He used the Sony A6500 with Sigma 30mm, F 1.4 Lens and Zeiss 16-70mm f4 Lens for his amazing New York video.

33 : Loves playing Mario Kart with friend, Jacko Brazier (Get it for the Wii, Nintendo Switch)

34 : Sang on his first EP with wife Jess, “Under the Covers” released in February 2017

35 : He’s wearing a matching Men’s Baseball Cap with Pineapple with Jacko Brazier (It’s from Target!) (Source: Gabriel Conte Closet Instagram)

36 : He’s close to his siblings and had them featured in a few of his vlogs. Watch this one from his earlier YouTube days. Hard to believe this is only from 3 years ago!

37 : Collaborated with fellow YouTubers Alex Wassabi and LaurDIY for a “Lie Detector Test” video – Yes we’re serious!

38 : He believes their goldendoodle, Milo loves his wife Jess more and it was proven in his lie detector test

39 : We do have to say, it looks like Milo is pretty attached to Gabe too in this Instagram shot.

40 : Jess once saw Gabe texting a girl named “Olivia” before they were engaged but no worries, it was only a girl to help them film & photograph their proposal.

41 : Gabe said he would quit coffee for Jess and the lie detector test said that was…true!  Now that’s love.

See the full “Lie Detector Test” video below:

42 : His favorite animal is a baby tiger

43 : Gabriel’s favorite TV show is “The Office” (available on Amazon)

44 : He is from a family with 4 children (including him) and wants the same amount of children with Jess

45 : Gabriel’s middle name is Rafael

46 : Gabriel is only a year apart with his older brother, Claudio who is also married and lives in Florida. Look at the heartfelt message Gabe left him.

47 : Gabe was born in Miami, Florida

48 : Gabriel is 6’1″ tall

49 : His family calls him by his nickname, Gabby

50 : His go-to meal is a hamburger or cheeseburger

51 : Gabe doesn’t only sing but he also took 5 years of drum lessons!

52 : Gabe, along with wife Jess inspired friend Sebastian to invite Jesus into his life.

53 : Gabriel’s mom was born in New Orleans and father was born in New Jersey. (See the answer in Best Friend vs Fiancee Video below)

54 : When asked what gets him up in the morning, Gabriel responded saying, “Knowing that I’m loved by both God and my family and I have been blessed with another day to pursue my dreams.” (Source: Popular TV )

You made it to end the of 54 fun facts about Gabriel Conte.  Did you learn something new?  Let us know, tweet us your comments @feelingthevibe .

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