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5 Things You Didn’t Know about Bryan Tanaka from ‘Mariah’s World’

Bryan Tanaka is stirring up a lot of buzz online as well as on the new E! 8 Event Docu-Series “Mariah’s World.”  This vivacious dancer has caught our attention and we have heard from all of you, wanting to know more about Bryan.  Who are Bryan Tanaka’s parents?  What is his nationality?  Look no further.

Well good news!  Read on to the 5 Things you Didn’t Know about Bryan Tanaka


1 : It’s Puppy Love

Did you know Bryan has an adorable English Staffordshire Terrior named Mila? He talks to Bryan…well, somewhat.. just watch and see!  We are pretty sure you’ll be saying aww by the end of this video below.

2:  A Cultural Melting Pot

It’s hard to tell just what Bryan is because he in fact has a mix of nationalities.   Bryan Tanaka’s parents may not be together but he is close to both of them.   He has described himself as half “White, Asian, and Hawaiian.”  See below for a photo of his mother and father.

Bryan Tanaka, Bryan Tanaka mother, Bryan Tanaka mom
Bryan Tanaka poses for a photo with his mom.


Bryan Tanaka and his father
Bryan Tanaka with his father


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3: He is Great With Children

Bryan has a younger brother, Danny Storey Tanaka who seems to look up to his big brother.  Bryan is a natural with children and we think will make a great dad one day.  Watch this video to see him try to win the “very hard” race with his little brother.

4: He is a Man of Faith

Four years ago Bryan visited Rio De Janeiro in Brazil to see the Christ Statue.  He climbed all the way up to the clouds (literally) to get a glimpse of the famous statue.  While he was there, he stopped by a chapel to pray and give thanks for all of his blessings.

5: A Decade of the “Queen”

Did you know Bryan has known Mariah for 10 years?  He began dancing with “the queen” back in 2007 for her Emancipation of Mimi Tour. They recently reconnected for her Sweet Sweety Fantasy Tour.

Bryan Tanaka and Mariah Carey on the Emancipation of Mimi Tour 2007
Bryan Tanaka and Mariah Carey on the Emancipation of Mimi Tour in 2007


Photo Credit: Bryan Tanaka Instagram

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