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Bryan Tanaka from ‘Mariah’s World’ – 5 More Things You Didn’t Know About Him

More and more people know Bryan’s name after the E! Docu-series “Mariah’s World.”   Since you all loved our first feature, “5 Things You Didn’t Know About Bryan Tanaka,” we are expanding on it to provide more Bryan facts for you all.  


1 : He Adores His Mother

Bryan definitely posts great photos of he and his mom together on Instagram.  We love how Bryan has such a close relationship with her.  Did you know that he decorated her whole house one Christmas?  Aww!  

Plus read this quote directly from him.
“I owe a lot to my Mom. I could probably write a novel about the things I’ve learned from her. Maybe someday I will. I love you momma!” 

Bryan Tanaka, Bryan Tanaka Mother, Mariah's World, Mariah Carey
Bryan Tanaka of Mariah’s World with his mother.


Bryan Tanaka, Mother, Mariah Carey, Mariah's World
Bryan Tanaka of Mariah’s World sitting outside with his mother


2:  He Believes in Education

Yes, he even reads!  Intelligence is very attractive.  

Bryan says, “If you want to get something done and you don’t know much about it… Study it, research it, learn everything you can to help you achieve it.”

Bryan Tanaka, Mariah's World, Mariah Carey
Bryan Tanaka of Mariah’s World reading a book at the library.


3: He’s an Aries

Bryan is a true Aries. He’s highly motivated, and very musically inclined.  He was born on April 11, 1983, which makes him 33 years old.

Bryan Tanaka of Mariah's World, Mariah Carey Dancer

4: He’s Such a Player

Game player, that is.  We love the relationship he has with his younger brother, Daniel.  Look how cute these two are playing Twister together at Christmas time.  We totally think Daniel must have won! 

Bryan Tanaka, Brother, Daniel Storey Tanaka, Mariah Carey
Both Tanaka boys playing Twister!


Bryan says, “Playing #Battleship with my brother Danny! I definitely appreciate these moments. Being with family is a great way to rejuvenate the soul.”

Bryan Tanaka, Brother, Daniel Storey Tanaka, Mariah's World
Bryan Tanaka’s younger brother, Danny Storey Tanaka challenging his brother to a game of Battleship.


5: He Dated a Dancer

Did you know Bryan dated Lauren Gottlieb from “So You Think You Can Dance?”  She made it to the final six contestants but was eliminated in the end.  She also has danced for many major artists including Britney Spears, Carrie Underwood, and none other than Mariah Carey.

Bryan Tanaka of Mariah's World with ex gf Lauren Gottlieb
Bryan Tanaka with his ex girlfriend, Lauren Gottlieb.


Photo Credit: Bryan Tanaka Instagram

Catch Bryan Tanaka and Mariah Carey on the 8-Part Series of ‘Mariah’s World,’ airing on Sundays at 9/8pm cst.