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5 Fun Facts You May Not Know About Ally Brooke

Ally Brooke Hernandez, 24, is most widely known for being a member of the girl group, Fifth Harmony.  

However, for fans of the Freeform show, “Famous in Love,” they may have noticed she is guest starring on an episode.  If you want to know more about Ally, continue reading!

Ally was Home-Schooled

Ally Brooke attended Cornerstone Christian Elementary School in her hometown of San Antonio, Texas.  However, to complete her education, the singer was home-schooled for her high school years

She’s an Actress?

Well not exactly, though she is guest starring in a new episode of the popular Freeform series, “Famous in Love” starring Carter Jenkins and Bella Thorne.  Ally will be alongside co-stars Pepi Songua and Romeo Miller for her upcoming scenes.

Her episode is titled “Totes on a Scandal” and the original premiere date is April 11, 2018 for season 2.

Ally Brooke on Famous in Love Season 2
(Freeform/Ron Tom)

She is a Christian

Ally posted a beautiful religious message to her Instagram page about the real meaning of Easter.

Always a Fashionista

Take a look at baby Ally in her jeans overalls and red plaid hat!

Makeup Maven

Ally is always looking on point!  She says she relies on her favorite mascara, L’Oreal’s Carbon Black Mascara.  She told Coveteur, “It’s my favorite because it just goes on so well, and it separates your lashes and makes them stand out.

Ally Brooke Mascara
Credit: Ally Brooke Instagram


Catch Ally on an episode of “Famous in Love” on April 11, 2018 on Freeform!