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15 Things You Didn’t Know About Tanner Buchanan, Landry Bender, and McKenna Grace from ‘Fuller House’

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Fuller House has some new cast members! Newcomers Tanner Buchanan, Landry Bender and McKenna Grace have joined the cast as schoolmates of Ramona Gibbler and Jackson Fuller.  We’ve gathered 15 facts about these young stars that you probably didn’t know! Keep reading for the fun facts!

So hold up, who exactly is Chad aka Tanner Buchanan on Fuller House? Keep reading to find out!

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Tanner Buchanan from Fuller House

1 : Ohio Native

Tanner Buchanan is originally from Lima, Ohio. He lived there through his childhood years until he went to Hollywood as a teen.

2 : Appears in Girl Meets World on Disney

One of Tanner’s first guest roles was on the popular Disney Channel show Girl Meets World. He portrayed Charlie, a boy who was a love interest for the main character, Riley.

Tanner Buchanan on Girl Meets World

3 : He Got Promoted!

He has also guest starred on Designated Survivor as the son of the main character, Kirk. His character has been promoted to a series regular for the second season.

4 : Loving Life

He’s dating fellow actress (and Ohioan!) Lizze Broadway.

5 : He’s Shaking It Up

He’s also guest starred on the Nickelodeon show Game Shakers, as Mason Kendall, a crush of one of the main characters, Babe.

Tanner Buchanan on Game Shakers

And now what about the precocious Rose aka McKenna Grace from Fuller House? 

5 Things You Didn’t Know About McKenna Grace from Fuller House

6 : Tanner Buchanan’s Little Sister

Well, ok maybe not in real life but McKenna Grace actually plays the younger sister of Tanner Buchanan’s character on Designated Survivor, so they’ve gotten to hang out together on and off set a lot.

7 : Ties to Girl Meets World

She is friends with Girl Meets World star August Maturo.

8 : Major Motion Picture Credits

She played a co-lead role in 2017’s Gifted, alongside Chris Evans.


9 : It’s All About the Drama

She portrayed Faith Newman on the soap opera, The Young and the Restless for two years, spanning 50 episodes.

McKenna Grace on the Young and Restless


10 :  She Has Worked with “Rocki” Before

She starred as Jasmine Bernstein on Crash & Bernstein with Landry Bender (who’s plays Rocki on Fuller House now!)

Finally…we get to the rocker chic “Rocki” aka Landry Bender from Fuller House.  Keep reading to find out 5 fun facts about the girl that stole Jackson’s heart.  

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Landry Bender from Fuller House

11 : It All Started with Jonah Hill

Landry’s first feature film role was with Jonah Hill in the comedy The Sitter in 2011.

12 : She Has Disney Ties

Prior to guest starring on Fuller House, Landry had a co-lead role as Cyd in the Disney Channel series, Best Friends Whenever.

Best Friends Whenever

13: Fuller House Cast is Tight

She hangs out with her co-stars from Fuller House even off the set.  Check them out at a recent trip to Universal Studios Hollywood.


14: BFF’s with a Pop Star

She’s best friends with Forever in Your Mind band member Ricky Garcia.


15 : She Has a Famous Name

She was actually named after famous football player and coach Tom Landry – since her both her parents are sports announcers, it makes sense!


There you have it: now you know 15 fun facts about the newest characters of Fuller House! Be sure to check out the newest season on Netflix to see Tanner, Landry and McKenna in action!