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Which Cameras do the Top Vloggers & YouTubers Use? A Camera Guide 2018

If you know someone that loves to vlog, make DIY videos or YouTube tutorials, then this vlogging camera guide is for you. Check out all the cool products below!

Best Digital Camera Guide for Vloggers & YouTubers 2018



5D Mark III

Be Like the Pros!

Canon EOS 5D Mark III a favorite among Bethany Mota and JennxPenn, this little camera has amazing high definition quality (1080 pixels) and 6 frames per second. This makes it perfect for movement shots in videos. You can get it on Amazon.



A Top Choice Amongst YouTubers

Canon EOS 70D Digital SLR Camera – this model is used by famous YouTubers LaurDIY and Zoella! The camera features up to 7 frames per second and dual-picture autofocus, which will give you clear images and crisp live video. You can grab it on Amazon.


G7X Mark II

Camera Packing Wifi

Canon Power Shot G7X Mark II Camera – this camera is a staple amongst YouTubers like Zoella and has tons of little special features. It includes a touch panel, an LCD screen and up to 8 frames of continuous shooting capability. Plus it has Wifi – can’t get much better than that, right?

Get it from Amazon.


G7X Camera

Canon Power

Canon Power Shot G7X Digital Camera – this camera, as used by CutiePieMarzia, comes with 4.2x optical zoom and can capture full length HD videos in 1080p with up to 60 frames per second. has it.




Blue Snowball Mic

Desktop Microphone

Blue Snowball USB Microphone – this textured white mic has a “plug in and play” design, meaning there’s no software to set up; and is compatible with both MAC and PC. What more could you want?

Get it on Amazon.


Lavalier Mic

Easy Choice

Movo Lavalier Microphone – this mic setup is perfect for your camera because it picks up sound(s) in all directions, making the quality crystal-clear. It also comes with a special battery, giving it optimal performance.

Grab it on Amazon.


Rode Shotgun Mic

A Must!

Rode NTG2 Condensor Shotgun Microphone – this little microphone packs a punch with broadcast-level sound quality and high noise control, meaning that “white noise” or “background noise” will be a worry of the past. It works with all smartphones too, so it’s a win-win. sells it.




Ring Light

Lighting Glam Style

Diva Ring Light – this type of light is used for up close and personal shots or videos, like makeup tutorials or for outfit details. This one has a place to mount your camera, and even comes with a tripod.

Get it from Amazon.


Umbrella Lights

Lights, Camera, Action!

Cowboy Studio Umbrella Light Kit – this kind of light is used for larger spaces, making the actual background of videos brighter thanks to the additional light. This kit comes with 3 bulbs, 2 tall stands, 1 mini stand and two umbrellas.

Get it from Amazon.



Studio Lighting

Craphy Studio Lightbox – this light is used to give light to specific features in an image or video, like a face or a product. The light box also helps to remove shadows that can sometimes be cast with tons of lights. sells it.




White Backdrop

Get that Studio Look

Lightdow Photo Studio Backdrop in White – white is a popular color used amongst vloggers, especially for clothing and makeup tutorials. This is because it makes whatever you put in front of it more vivid. It lets the true colors shine through or “pop” for a lack of a better term.

Get it from Amazon.


Blush Backdrop

Add Some Glam to Your Set!

ShiDianYi 4FTX Backdrop in BlushTori Sterling is a well-known beauty vlogger who uses sparkling backdrops because of the interest they add to a more basic video. A talk-through tutorial becomes eye-catching with some shimmery to go along with pretty makeup looks, you know?

Get this one from Amazon.

Plus it comes it tons of other colors (in case pink isn’t your thing).





A Top Seller!

Amazon Basics Tripod Kit – this kit keeps it simple with a tripod and matching bag. The tripod itself is lightweight and comes with adjustable legs. It also allows for a tilt and swivel motion, as well as landscape and portrait modes. It’s compatible with most camera models.

You can buy it from



Selfie Stick

Smartphone Vlogging Tool

Fugetek Selfie Stick – this type of on-the-go equipment is great for when you need an easy tool to maneuver as you use your smartphone for vlogging. This one comes with two different mounts, one to minimize phone drops, and the other has a mirror. All you have to do is twist to lock it – no screws or loose ends, making it great for when you need to go, go, go!

Get it on


Remote Control

Hands-Free Helper

Progo Wired Remote Shutter Release Control – this little gadget is perfect for starting and stopping your camera without having to find the tiny button itself! This makes it like a “hands-free” option, which is perfect for when you’ve set the camera far away to get a full outfit picture.

Get this one from Amazon (PS: it works with all the Canon camera models)!



Car Mount

Start Vlogging in Your Car!

Mpow Car Phone Mount – this stick-on base is perfect for car vlogs because you can easily fit your iPhone or Android on it and not have to worry about it falling or moving around. That way you can talk and drive all you want for that famous car vlog!

Get yours on Amazon.


There’s all the tools you need in order to make the vlogger/YouTuber in your life a happy camper! Happy camera shopping!

Top Cameras YouTubers Use

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