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To Tell the Truth Spoilers: Underwater Pizza Delivery Guy, Ex-CIA Spy & More Revealed

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‘To Tell the Truth’ aired a new episode on ABC March 2nd. The panel consisted of stars Nikki Glaser, Bob Saget, and Lil Rey Howery. The threesome had to play detective in order to figure out who was really telling the truth. Keep scrolling for To Tell the Truth spoilers! *Note: this article contains the answer key to the March 2nd episode.*

To Tell the Truth Spoilers – Underwater Pizza Delivery Guy

Underwater pizza delivery guy from To Tell the Truth
(ABC/Ron Batzdorff)

In the March 2nd episode of To Tell the Truth, we were challenged to figure out who was the underwater pizza delivery guy.

We were challenged to figure out who was the real underwater pizza delivery guy. This was quite an usual profession!

Who was it? His name is Robert Doyle and he delivers pizzas underwater. His business is located in Key Largo, Florida.

To Tell the Truth – Ex CIA Spy

This one was fascinating! Both guys gave very believable answers. #1 stood up as the real Ex CIA spy, Andrew Bustamante. According to his LinkedIn profile, Andrew was in the CIA fro 2007 – 2014, and now lives in St. Petersburg, Florida. He is the founder of EverydaySpy.

EverydaySpy describes what it does, “Andrew is on a mission to change the way people see their world. Success in international espionage requires dynamic thinking, creative problem solving, active collaboration, and superior interpersonal skills. Spies are trained to neutralize threats, predict human behavior, and control their environment to achieve operational success. The same tools that shift international power can shape the future of business, education, relationships, and more.”

To Tell the Truth – Rhythmic Gymnast

Rhythmic Gymnast on To Tell the Truth
(ABC/Ron Batzdorff)

The real rhythmic gymnast is Nastasya Generalova. “I’m a world cup medalist,” she said. They had the Ex CIA agent watching to guess who was really telling the truth. He chose #2 and was exactly correct! Nastasya hails from Beverly Hills, California and is 21 years old. She is 5’9″ and attended Columbia University.

To Tell the Truth – Professional Whale Hunter

No it’s not the kind of whale you’re thinking of. A whale as in a big spender at a resort/casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. The real whale hunter is #1. His name is Steve Cyr. He’s been a Vegas casino host for 34 years as director for the Palms Casino Resort.

To Tell the Truth airs on Tuesdays at 8pm EST only on ABC.


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