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Camilla Cattaneo Reveals One Scene Cut from ‘Siesta Key’

Camilla Cattaneo is one of the stars of MTV’s Siesta Key. In season 4B so far, fans have seen her forge more friendships and have some relationship moments play out on screen. But, one thing viewers won’t get to see on Siesta Key this season? The launch of her loungewear line, Babes Haven. Find out what Camilla had to say about this fun moment not making it to TV, and see some more behind the scenes photos and videos below. 

Camilla Cattaneo Reflects on Launch Party: “I was extremely thrilled to celebrate”

Camilla revealed in an Instagram post that her launch party was supposed to be shown in an episode of Siesta Key, but it didn’t make the final cut.

“I was so excited to share this moment with the world, but a lot of what we are passionate about or work on is not always portrayed correctly on screen. The setting at the end of the episode was actually my Babes Haven launch party, that I was extremely thrilled to celebrate. It wasn’t shown as expected, but thankful for everyone who has and keeps supporting me throughout this journey,” she wrote. 

Any Siesta Key fans who also follow Camilla on Instagram probably remember seeing her post about the launch party during filming. In September 2021, she posted a photo and video from the party. You can see fellow castmate Lexie Salameh in the first photo, and Camilla’s first clothing launch for Babes Haven on the second slide. 

According to her IG, the original caption was edited 5 days ago. It now reads: “I’m thankful for all of it. The highs. The lows. The lessons. The love. The hate. Everything✨.” See a sneak peek of the party below. 

In a separate post, she celebrated with champagne, writing: “I’m so thankful for everything this year. Starting my own business, family & friends. I couldn’t [have] asked for better people in my life. Xoxo 💋.” 

Speaking of her shouting out her friends, Camilla’s Siesta Key castmates were very supportive in the comments on social media. Madisson Hausburg wrote: “So so proud of you!! You are killin it❤️❤️❤️.” 

Juliette Porter echoed those sentiments, commenting: “So proud of you ❤️”; Chloe Long said it’s “just the beginning” for Camilla’s business. 

While we won’t get to see the launch party on TV, we’re glad Camilla has that memory to look back on. It’s a major milestone as a business owner! Be sure you’re following Camilla Cattaneo and her loungewear brand Babes Haven on Instagram for updates.

New episodes of Siesta Key air Thursdays at 9 PM on MTV.


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