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YouTubers Jess and Gabriel Conte Nominated for Shorty Award – Plus Check Out Their New Video!

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Jess and Gabriel Conte are killing it in 2019: new videos, new pieces and merch for their clothing lines, and they just received a nomination for the 2019 Shorty Awards! The couple has been nominated in the “YouTube Ensemble” category, alongside other popular vloggers like the Sister Squad.

See Jess’ reaction below on Twitter:

The duo began their YouTube journey a few years ago, after having met in 2015. Jess is actually from Australia, but when she flew out to LA to meet Gabe, their relationship blossomed from there – so much so that she stayed in the US!

They eventually got married, and now bring fans along for their day-to-day lives via their videos (vlogs). From music to miscellaneous adventures, the fun never stops on their YouTube channel! You can check out their most recent video below, where they recreate their old photos as a couple!

Congrats to both of them for their Shorty nomination! The Shorty Awards are essentially like the Grammys and Oscars have come together – only in the world of YouTube, where “influencers” make up most of the nominees per category (although celebrities are also nominated in music or show categories too!).

To view the full list of nominees, click here; and for more on the “YouTube Ensemble” category, click here. We cannot wait to see who wins this year!

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Check out these Super Sweet Photos of Jess & Gabe Below