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Will the Jonas Brothers Have a Reunion? There’s a Huge Hint!

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Girl’s hearts all over the world broke a little when the Jonas Brothers split up in 2013.  Fans have been buzzing since noticing the boys’ group Instagram profile was reactivated!  What could this mean?  

They essentially broke up as a band back in 2013 because of creative differences.  A lot has happened in the last 5 years.  Kevin Jonas, the oldest member of the group got married to wife, Danielle and has two children.  Joe joined the group DNCE and the youngest, Nick Jonas went off to have a solo career.  He even is part of the popular film, Jumanji and has had a few hits including “Jealous” and “Find You.”  

The “JonasBrothers” Instagram page has over 150K followers, all fans hoping and wishing that this is a huge sign of a reunion. 

Jonas Brothers back together again ? 2018

Nothing new has been posted or said on the account yet.  

Nick Jonas posted to his Instagram today, making no mention or sign of a reunion.  He shared a behind the scenes photo from his Home Acoustic video.

The boys had a little reunion on the ski slopes only a few days ago.  Very confident in his skiing skills, Kevin posted a photo with the caption, “10 years since being on a board and it’s like riding a bike.

No official word about a musical reunion but we will keep you updated!


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