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Will ‘Fuller House’ Have a Season 4? Creator, Jeff Franklin Weighs In

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Fans were highly anticipating Fuller House season 3b ever since the big cliffhanger in season 3.  When the second half of season 3 came out on December 22nd, a lot of loyal viewers binge watched all episodes in the weekend.  Some even got through them in one day!

So this leads to the big question…

Will there be a Fuller House Season 4?

Creator of ‘Full House’ and ‘Fuller House’, Jeff Franklin weighs in on an interview with TVLine.  

In the finale of season 3b, we learned that all the original cast members, the “adults” so to speak will be moving back to San Francisco to be closer to DJ, Stephanie and the kids.  What made Jeff put that into the storyline?

Jeff told TVLine, “It got to be really repetitive for me every time the dads or Becky would show up. We’ve had to bring them in with suitcases and reasons for them being there and it got to be the same thing over and over. I’m looking forward to them just being in town and whenever the storyline works, they can just be part of the gang again without making a big deal out of it.”

Fuller House Cast

He tells us that the amount of episodes the “adults” (Uncle Jesse, Aunt Becky, Danny, Joey) are in depends on their schedules and how many more episodes Netflix orders.  It is not clear yet if Netflix will bring the reboot back for a fourth season but Jeff says, “hopefully we’ll see more of them, not less and hopefully there will be a next season.”

We saw in season 3b how Danny’s ex-girlfriend, Vicky made an appearance on the show.  Believe it or not, it was not Franklin’s decision to split the couple up back in the original Full House series.  

Fuller House Vicky and Danny Season 3

Vicky and Danny on ‘Fuller House’ Season 3b


He says, “I left the show after Full House Season 5 and really weird stuff started to happen after I was gone. It wasn’t fun for me to watch the show after that, so that’s one of the nice things about having this show come back is being able to make a few things right.”


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