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Who’s on Game of Talents Tonight – (April 7, 2021)? See the Lineup

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FOX’s new reality talent show, Game of Talents hosted by Wayne Brady is all new this Wednesday, April 7, 2021. In case you’re unfamiliar with how the show works, here is a quick overview.

“The series pits two teams of contestants against each other as they attempt to figure out the surprising, mesmerizing and sometimes bizarre hidden talents of the mystery performers. With more than $200,000 on the line, can the contestants spot the fire dancer from the spider wrangler? Can you? This is Game of Talents,” Fox explains.

*This article is updated live throughout the show once the talent has been revealed!*

Who Will You See on Game of Talents Wednesday April 7th?

A whole new group of those with an amazing hidden talent will bring it to the FOX stage. They are as follows:

Performer Miles – *Revealed.. he is a stepper*
Performer Johnny – *Revealed…he is a harmonica player*
Performer Maral – *Revealed…she is a hand balancer*
Performer Steven – *Revealed..he is a scorpion wrangler*
Performer David – *Revealed…he is the sound sculptor*
Performer Owen – *Revealed..he is the dancer juggler*

Watch The Dancer Juggler

Watch the Sound Sculptor

Watch the Hand Balancer

Who are the Contestants?

The two teams will consist of:

Claude and Madison

Claude and Madison from Game of Talents
CR: FOX. © 2021 FOX Media LLC.

Tehya and Yemela

CR: FOX. © 2021 FOX Media LLC.

Who Hosts Game of Talents?

TV show host, Wayne Brady was tapped for the role of host for FOX’s newest show, Game of Talents. The 48-year old was best known for hosting Let’s Make a Deal and The Wayne Brady Show. He most recently was the winner of The Masked Singer. Brady has one daughter with his ex-wife Mandie Taketa. Maile Masako Brady was born in 2003. Wayne posted a series of photos of his daughter on Instagram wishing her a happy birthday.

“When I say that being father to @theofficialmailebrady is my defining experience as a human, it’s not hyperbole. I love you more than I can express. I’ll always be here for you. I’m in your corner baby. Thank you @mandietaketa for the gift of fatherhood,” he said.

Watch Game of Talents

Violinist, Giovanni Mazza was on the March 31st episode. Check it out below.

Tune into Game of Talents Wednesday April 7, 2021 on FOX.