Famous in Love Cast - Where are they now?

Where is the ‘Famous in Love’ Cast Now? Get Updates on Carter Jenkins, Bella Thorne, & Charlie DePew

Where is the ‘Famous in Love’ cast now including Carter Jenkins, Bella Thorne, Charlie DePew – get all the details.

‘Famous in Love’ may be up for a Teen Choice Award, but the series was canceled by Freeform at the end of June.

Fans everywhere were super disappointed by the cancellation of this show, plus the cast!

We know you’re all wondering..what is the cast of ‘Famous in Love‘ up to now?

Carter Jenkins aka Rainer Devon

Jenkins, 26, played the lead role of the heartthrob, Rainer Devon, opposite Bella Thorne.  He was very sad to see the series go and took to Instagram to express that.

He said, “I’m very sad to say Famous in Love will not continue for season 3. THANK YOU to everyone who loved this show and voiced their support.

Jenkins just completed a short titled “Good Times” where he is playing Jason.

He is also currently working on a TV series called “Medal of Honor” which portrays stories of personal sacrifice that resulted in the highest military distinction.  Carter is playing Joe Annello.

Bella Thorne aka Paige Townsen

Thorne, 22, portrayed small town girl turned famous actress, Paige Townsen on ‘Famous in Love’ opposite Carter Jenkins.

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Fantastic four ? is where tonight? On famous in love

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What is she up to now?  Thorne is still acting and will appear in “I Still See You” and “Ride.”

Keith Powers aka Jordan Wilder

Keith Powers portrayed Jordan Wilder on Freeform’s drama ‘Famous in Love.

Powers was cast as Ronnie Devoe on the 2018 created, ‘The Bobby Brown Story.’  It is about the life story of R&B musician Bobby Brown.

He is currently working on a short called ‘A Little Closure‘ playing Keith.

The Bobby Brown Story‘ will air on BET this September 2018.

Niki Koss aka Alexis Glenn

Niki Koss portrayed bad girl Alexis Glenn on ‘Famous in Love.

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What is she working on now?  Koss just recently complete work on the comedy “Burying Yasmeen.”  She plays Zannah.

Charlie DePew aka Jake Salt

Charlie DePew, 22, portrayed Jake Salt, Paige’s best friend turned love interest on ‘Famous in Love.’

He recounts the first day he showed up to set with a sweet message on Instagram.

DePew starts, “I was the adopted child of Famous in Love, cast a day before production began. I showed up to set to have the most beautiful welcome I could have possibly imagined.

See the full message below.

No updates on his acting career since “FIL.”

Georgie Flores aka Cassandra Perkins

Georgie, 21, portrayed Paige Townsen’s BFF Cassie on ‘Famous in Love.

It appears that Flores took some time off after the cancellation of ‘Famous in Love’ by taking a trip overseas all around Europe.

She is currently working on a film directed by Anne Fletcher called ‘Dumplin‘ starring Jennifer Aniston and Dove Cameron.

Dumplin‘ follows a plus-size teenage daughter of a former beauty queen.  She signs up for Miss Teen Bluebonnet Pageant and protests it.  When other contestants start following her lead, this turns their small Texas town upside down.

Georgie Flores’s role has not been revealed yet.

Pepi Sonuga aka Tangey Turner

Sonuga, 24, portrayed popstar Tangey Turner on ‘Famous in Love.

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Sonuga just completed and is currently working on 2 films.

Perrey Reeves aka Nina Devon

Reeves, 47, portrayed powerhouse woman boss and mother to Rainer, Nina Devon.

She was in shock when hearing the news about the ‘FIL’ cancellation that it took her around a week to post about it on Instagram.

She said, “It’s taken me a moment to post about our cancellation because honestly I’m still in shock.

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It’s taken me a moment to post about our cancellation because honestly I’m still in shock. This show had all the ingredients to be a hit, wonderful storylines, fantastic characters that were multi dimensional and wonderful group of actors and crew. We were even nominated for teen choice awards again this year! And the list of nominees is very impressive, Big shows that spend a lot of money to promote their content. We were the little engine that could, gaining more viewers every episode. Hollywood will always be a mystery to me but I had to greatest two seasons of my career being on the show. I will miss everybody and I want to know who was taken out on the gurney in the season finale??!!! #famousinlove @famousinlovetv @carterjenkins @charliedepew @bellathorne @georgieflores @keithpowers @pepisonuga @nikikoss @shawnchristian @imvanessawilliams @romeomiller @janispvaldez @claudialeelive @thedaniellecampbell @sofiacarson @mad_enlove @officialtanjareen @robestes8 @imarleneking @lisacochranpll @melissa_carter_newman @dan_farah @rogerkumble @snoopythemom @rebecca_serle @norbuck @camifdale @cindymiguens1 ( I know I’m missing a few, ?) thank you for making the experience so amazing ❤️ and everybody who watched the show, thank you so much for your support!! If it were up to Nina Devon the show would run for 10 years ???

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What is Perrey up to now?  She is filming two movies.  The first one is called ‘The World Without You,’ a drama about a journalist killed on an assignment in Iraq.

The second movie is called “Plus One,” a romance, drama and comedy.

‘Plus One’ follows longtime single friends, Ben and Alice, through a summer of wedding fever.  They agree to be each other’s dates to every single wedding they are invited to.

Katelyn Tarver aka Rachel Davis

Tarver, 28, played Rachel Davis on ‘Famous in Love.

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finally perfected my ? emoji face.

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What has Katelyn been up to?  She has been working on her music and filming a movie and a TV series.  The TV series is called “Twentyfiveish” following five characters who grew up together but parted ways after high school.

Shawn Christian aka Alan Mills

Christian, 52, portrayed Alan Mills, Nina’s ex-husband on ‘FIL.

Shawn Christian has been working with Lux World Traveler as a Global Ambassador and Lux Soul Traveler as an Adventurer.  He has been taking trips around the United States hitting New York City and Chicago.

He is also working on two films.  One being, “The Experience,” a drama based on a wilderness camp for troubled youth.

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