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What to Expect on ABC’s ‘Claim to Fame’ – Contestants, Trailer, Premiere Date

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ABC’s newest reality show Claim to Fame is already creating a buzz amongst fans. Hosted by Frankie and Kevin Jonas, the show puts celebrity relatives all under one roof, with the objective being to keep their identities secret from the other contestants. If they get eliminated, they don’t win the $100,000 prize. Competitors will also participate in challenges and form bonds as the game goes on. We have even more details about what’s to come on the season below, including contestant names, celebrity relations, the official trailer, and premiere date. 

Claim to Fame Contestants + Celebrities

In the trailer for Claim to Fame, the contestant names are revealed. They are: Amara, L.C., Maxwell, Louise, Michael, Lark, Dominique, Logan, Pepper, Kai, X and Brittany. Note that it’s only the names that are shown, not the actual faces of the players. You can see how it’s laid out in the Instagram below.

“12 relatives of the biggest celebrities. Their identity is the ultimate secret. #ClaimtoFame is about to be the wildest competition ever,” the show’s official post reads. 

As for some of the celebrities whose relatives are competing, those include: Zendaya, Simone Biles, Whoopi Goldberg and Chuck Norris. It will definitely be interesting to see if super-sleuth fans can put the pieces together on social media before the contestants on the show do! 

Claim to Fame Official Trailer

Claim to Fame’s official trailer recently dropped with the caption: “Manipulation, lies and family ties will help them win it all.” The trailer starts off with hosts Frankie and Kevin Jonas getting the group’s attention, then Kevin says that they “all share the same secret.” It looks like the players are at some kind of party, possibly a masquerade since there are masks involved. When the masks are removed, shock and awe can be seen on their faces. 

Like the caption said, lies will be used to help the contestants. One woman in the trailer revealed her strategy, saying: “My strategy is to be the realest liar that I can be.” Another notes how “disrespectful” people can be, which may mean there’s some drama ahead. The trailer ends with Frankie, aka: “The Bonus Jonas” announcing that whoever can keep their identity a secret will win the prize of $100,000. Check out the full trailer below:

Speaking of videos, Kevin Jonas recently posted this fun TikTok featuring his brother Frankie while they were doing press for the show. “What are we doing today @franklinjonas? #ClaimToFame,” he wrote. Check it out below. 

The brothers even promoted their new show during ABC’s Celebrate Summer event. They posed for photos, and revealed their claims to fame in a fun GIF. See both posts now. 

When does it premiere?

Claim to Fame will premiere on Monday, July 11th at 10 PM ET, on ABC. 


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