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What Does Carter Jenkins Have a Love-Hate Relationship With?

FreeForm just released their newest “On the Fly” video featuring talent from their shows to answer off-beat questions.  Carter Jenkins and many of his co-workers took part in this fun video.

Carter Jenkins On The Fly Disney Video for Famous In Love

Credit: Disney ABC Press

This week? The question is..

“What is the greatest invention in your lifetime?”

You would think most would have an answer quickly. Well some did, and some of your favorite stars including:

Carter Jenkins – (“Famous In Love”)
Bella Thorne – (“Famous In Love”)
Georgie Flores – (“Famous In Love”)
Olivia Holt (“Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger”)
Aubrey Joseph (“Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger”)
Gloria Reuben (“Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger”)
Harry Shum Jr. (“Shadowhunters”)
Emeraude Toubia (“Shadowhunters”)
Alex Roe (“Siren”)
Rena Owen (“Siren”)
Eline Powell (“Siren”)

had some interesting responses. One of which was Carter Jenkins from “Famous In Love“. His answer for “greatest invention” of your lifetime ? The iPhone which he loves and hates at the same time. Watch below to see everyone’s responses now!