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Tyra Banks Reflects on ‘Life Size 2’ and Considers Third Installment

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Tyra Banks Talks 'Life Size' 3

Tyra Banks looked back at special moments in her career during a recent episode of Entertainment Weekly’s YouTube series Couch Surfing. Banks shared details of how Life Size 2 was made.

Tyra Banks, Francia Raisa,
Tyra Banks and Francia Raisa look over script while filming ‘Life Size-2’

Banks shared that the sequel, that aired on the Freeform Network took five years to happen. The original movie was on the Disney Channel. When the movie was later passed over to Freeform, Banks was thankful for how they incorporated her ideas into the script.

The America’s Next Top Model host and judge also highlighted a point in the film. Francia Raisa’s character Grace resents her mother for spending time creating the Eve doll, instead of spending time with her.

Banks believes that mothers are often “vilified” for making sacrifice for their family compared to fathers. The supermodel has a very close relationship with her own mother, Carolyn. She is also a mom to her three year-old son, York Banks Asla.

Tyra Banks, Carolyn London, York Banks Asla,
Tyra Banks with her mother Carolyn London. Tyra Banks’s son York Banks Asla. Photos: tyrabanks/Instagram

Banks was asked if the movie would be having a third installment. She responded by saying, “we will cross that bridge” after seeing how many people watch the sequel.

Tyra Banks,
Tyra Banks holding Eve doll. Photo: tyrabanks/Instagram

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