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These Guys Were Told They Can’t Appear on Clare Crawley’s Season of ‘The Bachelorette’

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Clare Crawley and Chris Harrison 2020

“The Bachelorette” is making Bachelor Nation history! Most of us are excited about that but not everyone is celebrating.

While Clare Crawley will be taking home the title of the oldest named Bachelorette at only the age of 38, this required casting to make some changes.

Generally, the cast including the Bachelor or Bachelorette are in their 20’s or early 30’s. ABC made a big decision when they chose to announce Clare Crawley from Juan Pablo’s season to be the “it” girl.

Production has been halted at this time due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, however it should continue production in the near future.

At least two guys thought they were going to be on the next season of ABC’s The Bachelorette, but that took a turn. Jackson Canfield, 25, a medical device sales rep from Minneapolis, Minnesota and Steven Fondu, 25, a sales representative from New York City were told they cannot appear on the show due to the age difference.

This news has come right off the heels of quite an explosive finale of Peter Weber’s season of “The Bachelor.” Not only did Hannah Ann confront him, winning over so many women of America, but we also saw the showdown between Madison and Peter’s mom Barb. Talk about awkward!

Since, Madison and Peter have decided to go their separate ways; posting these messages to Instagram in response to their relationships.

Peter said, “Madi and I have mutually decided to not pursue our relationship any further. Believe me this was not easy for either of us to be ok with, but after a lot of honest conversations, we have agreed that this is what makes most sense for the two of us. The love and respect I have for Madi will continue to endure.” Read the full message below.

Madi posted this photo from the finale show saying, “Peter and I have decided to go our separate ways, I am confident that we will both move in the direction of our purpose and never forget that God has a plan in all things. I will always love and respect him.

Names of the men who will be vying for Clare’s heart on the newest upcoming season of The Bachelorette are starting to be released so keep watching Feeling the Vibe for the latest!


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