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The Proposal on ABC: Latoya and Ty Are Still Together – Photos Inside

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In Monday night’s episode (July 23) of ABC’s The Proposal, the mystery woman named Latoya had two proposals.

The two men left at the end of the night were Ty Phillips from Boston and Garland Brown.

Both men met Latoya who was dressed in a beautiful royal blue off the shoulder gown on stage to make their heartfelt proposals.

Latoya Blakely on ABC's The Proposal

Latoya Blakely on ABC’s The Proposal | Instagram / Latoya Blakely


When Latoya started off saying “you’re great Ty but Garland..” the whole audience thought he was going to be the one sent home.

The Proposal -Garland Brown on Stairs on ABC for July 23, 2018

Garland Brown (ABC/Byron Cohen)


Latoya stunned the crowd whens she ultimately accepted Ty, pointing out that he appears so genuine and sincere, and would love to go with him to his favorite spot in Cape Cod.

What happened after the cameras stopped rolling?

Latoya updated everyone on Instagram with a photo of the two backstage, saying “Yes…We are still together! He’s still kissing me, and he’s still making me smile.

If you’re wondering if the pair is still together today?  In a self proclaimed “longest post ever” Latoya gushed on her man, saying “Ty is more than I could’ve ever imagined.”  She continued, “I picked him because he seemed so genuine and sincere, and I could tell that he was a good guy, respectable and close to his family.

Read the full post below.

Latoya isn’t the only one posting happy pictures of the couple.  In a photo posted by Ty, the two are smiling as they sail on a boat in Cape Cod.

Ty said, “So happy I had the opportunity of a lifetime to be on @theproposaltv and meet such an amazing woman. I’m excited to see where this journey takes us @latoya.blakely .

Update * July 31st

Latoya posted another photo of the couple to her Instagram page, with the caption “He keeps a smile on my face.

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