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The Masked Dancer Finale: The Tulip, Cotton Candy, Sloth Revealed!

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‘The Masked Dancer’ Season “Road to the Finale” aired tonight on FOX. The panelists, Brian Austin Green, Paula Abdul, Ken Jeong, and Ashley Tisdale were so ready to start putting their dancing detective skills to the test.

Did you miss the show and are curious who was behind those magical and colorful costumes? We’ve got the answers for you below!

The Tulip on The Masked Dancer

The Tulip on Masked Dancer |  © 2021 FOX Media LLC

Who is the tulip on The Masked Dancer? Ken Jeong guessed it was Pretty Little Liars star, Lucy Hale while Ashley Tisdale took note of one of the clues, speculating that the person behind the mask is Dance Moms alum, Mackenzie Ziegler. Why? Because Mackenzie has a single titled Exhale.

The Tulip is…..Mackenzie Ziegler! (Coming in third place)

The Sloth on The Masked Dancer

Who is the energetic sloth on The Masked Dancer? After his performance, the judges did their best to guess who was behind the mask based on all the clues. “I tell you, sloth that was a perfect strike,” Ken Jeong exclaimed. “Obviously you’ve been professionally trained,” Paula Abdul chimed in. What was the sloth’s final word? “Magical.” “Magical makes me think of the movie Prestige and Hugh Jackman was in that,” Ashley Tisdale said. Ken Jeong thinks Channing Tatum is under that costume!

The sloth is… Maksim Chmerkovskiy (Second place)

The Cotton Candy on The Masked Dancer

Who is the peppy cotton candy on The Masked Dancer? “This is Me” by Kesha was the song they performed to, garnering a standing ovation from the judges and loud cheers from the audience. “She is not playing around,” said Ken Jeong. “Honestly, that was really emotional,” said a pregnant Ashley Tisdale. “This is a beautiful finale performance,” gushed Paula Abdul. What was their last word? “Foundation.”

“I’ve been going back and forth, thinking she’s an ice skater, maybe Michelle Kwan,” Ken thinks. “I’m going to go with Ken on this one,” said Brian Austin Green. “She’s definitely an ice skater,” he continue. “Definitely not,” Paula Abdul chimed in.

The Cotton candy is… Gabby Douglas ( Winner!)

The Masked Dancer will be returning on March 10, 2021 according to host Craig Robinson.

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