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The Bachelorette’s Hannah Brown & Tyler Cameron: What’s Their Status?

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Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown

Hannah Brown has made headlines for her return to the most recent season of The Bachelorette, but now she’s back in the news for a different reason. Her relationship with fellow contestant Tyler Cameron has fans questioning if they are just friends or more so. Keep reading below for their current status, and what that means going forward.

So, are Hannah and Tyler just friends or more than that?

Sorry to break the news Bachelorette fans: but Hannah and Tyler are in fact just friends. For now, that is. Hannah has been supporting Tyler during difficult family times, according to E! News, which has included flying to Florida to keep him company and hang out.

The two were most recently spotted at Palm Beach on Tuesday splashing around in the waves. It’s apparently the third time in recent weeks that the pair were spotted together.

So, what does that mean for them now?

Despite their “just friends” status, the pair care for each other a great deal. Tyler has appreciated Hannah’s support; and she’s liked being back around a friend. Makes sense, as being in the spotlight can sometimes be draining.

They are genuinely happy around each other, and Tyler’s family gets along with Hannah really well. Who wouldn’t need a good friend at a time like this? It’s great that they’re leaning on each other. They are even participating in a live workout class that you can do at home via a celebrity personal trainer. You can see Hannah’s IG story photo below:

And while they’re both not in any position to date right now, that’s not ruling it out completely down the road.

To see more of Hannah and Tyler’s day to day life, be sure you’re following them on Instagram: @HannahBrown and @TylerJCameron3.


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