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Sofia Carson Teases New ‘Descendants 3’ Song

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The ‘Descendants 3’ cast is together again in Vancouver, Canada ready to record and film another amazing movie for their fans.

Just yesterday, Sofia Carson who plays Evie went in the recording studio for the Descendants 3 soundtrack.

She worked with a very talented group of people for the upcoming track.  She was so excited with what they produced that she said, “wish you could listen to what we just recorded” with a photo of she and the dream team.

One of the producers on the album, Kasual Kas was just as pumped from the recording session that he jumped on Instagram to share that he “just recorded an entire cast for an entire movie for Disney” but that was all he could say.

Hmm…we will take from it what we may!

Another member of the team, Ali Dee gave us a sneak peek at his session with Sofia another cast member he might have recorded with, Cameron Boyce.

Sofia Carson recording a track for Descendants 3

Sofia Carson recording a track for Descendants 3


Cameron Boyce records Descendants 3 track


Stay tuned for more Descendants 3 news!