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[Sneak Peek] Catfish: The TV Show Season 7 All New Tomorrow – January 31st!

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Catfish: The TV Show is back on Wednesday, January 31st with an all – new episode.  

This episode has a twist to it, as they all seem to this season.  Nev and Max get an email pop up in their inbox from “Anonymous.”  Who could it be?

They begin reading the letter.  

“This is really strange but there’s no one else I could think to ask for help.  Normally this is the part where I would tell you who I am but I’m afraid if I do, you’ll close the email,” says Anonymous.

Max Joseph and Nev Schulman on Catfish Jan 31, 2018

Max and Nev on an all-new episode of Catfish, January 31, 2018.


It goes on to say, “The thing is, you’ve caught me catfishing.”    Nev is shocked, saying “wow a catfish offender!”  Max is curious who it could be and start going through their past 6 years of catfish they met.  

What’s this catfish’s story?  

Nev begins to read the backstory.  “Three years ago, I met Adam on Facebook.  He’s frickin’ hot, is really kind, and incredibly sweet to me.”  That all sounds so promising.  

“For the past three years, Adam and I have been on and off but now he’s my boyfriend.  He lightens up my day and makes me feel things I’ve never felt before.”  

She was only used to this kind of attention when she would pretend to be someone she wasn’t.  “Adam knows all about me and still loves me.”

See the sneak peek of “Catfish” from the Jan 31st episode


This is a former catfish who now thinks she is getting catfished, so this poses for a very interesting journey.  Will the former catfish’s heart get broken or live her happily ever after?

Tune into an all-new Catfish : The TV Show on Wednesday, January 31st at 10/9 pm c.