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Shelby Drops a Bomb on Juliette About Alex in Next ‘Siesta Key’

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Last week on ‘Siesta Key‘ we saw a very upset Juliette walking away from her boyfriend Alex on the beach as she boarded the boat with her girlfriends.

A Little Recap..

Ever since Juliette walked in to Alex’s bedroom and saw two girls laying in the bed, she has been trying to take her time to think things through and find the truth. Yet, she can’t help but be drawn back in by Alex and his promises that he would never lie and that nothing happened with the girl.

What does Shelby Know?

Everything takes a turn when a newcomer to the Key drops a major bomb. Shelby, one of Chloe’s closest friends said she knew something about the night in question with Alex and the two girls.

In a new scene on ‘Siesta Key‘ airing March 6th on MTV, the group is partying at Amanda’s Hawaiian themed get together drinking, going on the slip n slide and playing beer pong.

However, Shelby took Chloe aside and sat her down to tell her just what she knew about the claims that Alex cheated on Juliette. What does she 100% know? Sounds like she’s quite sure..

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