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Rita’s Italian Ice Featured on Tonight’s ‘Undercover Boss’ on CBS

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Rita’s Italian Ice is a well-known dessert company that began in the 80s out of Pennsylvania by Bob Tumolo. Fast forward to now, and Linda Chadwick has been the CEO and President since 2017. Linda will be featured on CBS‘ hit series Undercover Boss, as she goes undercover to see how her “new initiatives are working,” Feeling the Vibe reported earlier today. Find out more about the episode, the business that is Rita’s Italian Ice, and some info on Linda below.

Who is Linda Chadwick, CEO & President of Rita’s Italian Ice?

Linda Chadwick hasn’t always been with Rita’s Italian Ice. In fact, she began her business career at Burger King, quickly moving up the ranks from Company Business Manager to Vice President Franchise Operations, Southeast Division in her 20 years with the fast food chain. According to her LinkedIn, she began working for Rita’s in 2017 as the President and CEO.

She attended Mary Baldwin University and graduated with a degree in Management, so she’s more than qualified to lead franchises into the next phase of their journeys.

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Linda is actually one of the bosses going undercover on this season of CBS’ Undercover Boss. On tonight’s all-new episode, she will actually be working on the front lines, complete with a disguise. It will give her a good idea about how the businesses are doing, so she can see if there are improvements that need to be made.

Regarding her appearance on the show, Rita’s Italian Ice’s official Instagram page posted: “Tonight’s the night! 📺 The first 100 fans to comment on this post and tell us they’re watching #UNDERCOVERBOSS will win a free Rita’s Ice on our app! Watch #UndercoverBoss tonight, January 28 at 8/7c on @CBStv.” As you can see in the photo below, her blonde hair will be brown in the episode, so be sure to look carefully for her when you’re watching!

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Speaking of the Undercover Boss episode, Rita’s Italian Ice’s Twitter page posted a sneak peek clip from the show, where you can see Linda Chadwick in action, working the register at one of her locations. Check it out below:

Details on Rita’s Italian Ice

In today’s pandemic world, many restaurants, food chains, and franchises have struggled. Rita’s Italian Ice & Frozen Custard has 541 stores across the USA, and you can actually own a franchise yourself, if you’d like. While the usual schedules have the stores open from the first day of March through the third Sunday in September, other locations in warmer climates stay open year-round.

The one area impacted by COVID has been their annual “First Day of Spring Free Ice” giveaway, which has been postponed in both 2020 and 2021. There’s no word yet on whether or not the annual event is happening this spring.

The most popular ices at Rita’s are (in order): Mango, Cherry, and Swedish Fish. According to their official website, there are 60+ flavors to choose from, and they are made fresh every single day. Since there is such a large quantity of ice flavors, not all make it out every day at each location. They try to keep ones in rotation based on popularity, but they also pride themselves on variety for their customers.

As for how the ices are made? They honor founder Bob Tumolo’s mother’s recipe for water ice – Philadelphia’s term for Italian ice – by using real fruit in their ice flavors to this day. It’s “firmer than a slushie and smoother than shaved ice,” according to Wide Open Eats. While ice may be the most popular thing to get there, there’s also an assortment of treats that any dessert lover will enjoy. Custard, gelati (layered ice and custard), blendini (blended ice and custard), concrete (thicker custard with toppings), and misto shakes (mainly Italian ice with a tiny bit of custard swirled in) are also available.

Catch Linda Chadwick from Rita’s Italian Ice on CBS’ Undercover Boss, airing Friday January 28 at 8 PM EST.


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