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Paige Gets Emotional in the New Episode of ‘Famous in Love’

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“Famous in Love” is in its second season and has definitely captured their viewers with the cliffhangers they leave off on each episode.

In episode 5, they leave all the “Raige” fans wanting more.  Rainer (Carter Jenkins) and Paige finally had some quiet alone time, something that fans have been waiting for.

In the new episode of “Famous in Love” airing on Wednesday, May 2nd, we see Paige getting quite emotional.  She pulls into a parking spot at the studio as she parks and starts crying.  Why though? Is it about Jake, Rainer?

We don’t quite know…yet, though we do know in this episode called “The Goodbye Guy,” the cast attends the wrap party for their film, “Locked.”

Paige (Bella Thorne) walks in with Cassie’s boyfriend.  Paige sadly says, “Wow, I can’t believe that’s really it.  It’s actually over.”  Adam reassures her, “Endings are sad but important.

Adam says, “Watch, your next film, you’ll fall in love with a whole new crew.  Happens every movie.

Watch Paige and Adam enter the wrap party for Locked below:

See photos from Famous in Love Episode for “The Goodbye Guy” 

Catch the all – new episode of ‘Famous in Love’ on Wednesday, May 2nd at 8pm ET