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Paige and Rainer Have Alone Time on New Episode of ‘Famous in Love’ – See Photos & Videos!

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Calling all Raige fans!

Rainer (Carter Jenkins) and Paige (Bella Thorne) travel to New York City for a press tour for their movie “Locked” on Wednesday’s (5/23) episode.

Carter Jenkins who plays the young A-list actor, Rainer Devon is also rooting for “Raige.

Last week’s episode ended with Paige getting attacked by her stalker, Shane the bartender.  See the dramatic clip below to get caught up.

Paige doesn’t seem to be coming to terms with what happened to her in the new episode airing on Wednesday (5/23), “Full Mental Jacket.

She has a lot on her mind!  Not only was she just attacked by her stalker in a scary break-in, but she also has to tell Jake she cheated on him and also has to deal with a whirlwind press trip to New York.

It’s not so easy to break the news to Jake (Charlie DePew) that she has to go out on this tour so she relies on the help of Joanie.  Jake is scared for Paige after hearing about the scary stalker situation.  See the clip below:

Paige Tells Jake She Has to Go To NY

The good news is that Raige fans will get to see Rainer and Paige have some one-on-one time on a private plane ride into the big Apple.

Paige and Rainer Board the Private Plane to NY

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Famous in Love, episode 9 “Full Mental Jacket” airs on Wednesday, May 23rd at 8pm EST.