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Owen Wilson and Ed Helms Are Twins in Upcoming Film “Father Figures”

Who is your daddy? Owen Wilson and Ed Helms are playing two brothers who are on the search to find their true biological father that they once believed was deceased. In an upcoming comedy film that is hitting theaters December 22, 2017, “Father Figures” is a must see movie before 2017 comes to an end. The light hearted film was directed by Lawrence Sher and written by Justin Malen including an all star cast. The cast includes households names such as, Owen Wilson, Ed Helms, J. K. Simmons, Katt Williams Terry Bradshaw, Ving Rhames, Harry Shearer, June Squibb, Christopher Walken, and Glenn Close.

The film “Father Figures” consists of belly laughs and hilarious moments. The storyline is about Kyle Reynolds (Owen Wilson) and Peter Reynolds, (Ed Helms) two twin brothers that find out that their father was not who their mother (Glenn Close) said he was. The Reynolds brothers come to find out that their father is alive and somewhere out in the world. So the brothers set out on a roadtrip to discover their unknown father by seeking out ghosts of their mothers past.

The film is featured by Paramount Pictures and is produced by The Montecito Picture Company. The film was shot by Principal photography and the sets were shot in Atlanta, Georgia and Miami, Florida. The 2 hour movie will hit theaters in the heart of the holiday season, this Friday December 22, 2017.

Check out the trailer for “Father Figures” here:

Don’t forget to check out “Father Figures” this Friday, December 22, 2017.